Happy July 4th (ID4 Post)

Hey there…everyone! Just wanted to give a shoutout to everyone and say “Happy July 4th” if you celebrate this holiday. If you don’t….well I hope you a good day today on July 4th. Here something funny for you guys and its movie related.

So, in honor of July 4th, and with the big disappointment from Independence Day: Resurgence, here’s the great speech that President Whitmore said in Independence Day.

So good, so powerful, so moving, and so inspring. Even if you didn’t like the movie, it was a great movie speech. Now…(and this is the funny part)…check out this video of how people in today’s world would react to that very same speech.

Haha…so right and so true, especially in today’s world. Just something funny I thought I post up for you guys today.

Anyways…Happy 4th of July to you all

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