Just like in the world of filmmaking, everyone has an opinion and comment on the film that they are working on. The director can’t be the only one with all the ideas in his head. He has a staff of writers, storyboard artist, editors, artisans,  producers, and host of other people that had their input into making a movie.

And I’m all ears.

I’m still relatively new blogging and I would appreciate any help / guidance from bloggers (whether newbie or seasoned) on how to make site grow and flourish (i.e. attracting new followers, new ideas, submitting “guest” work on my site, etc.).

Please feel free to contact me as I’m willing to listen and suggestions, questions, comments and written guest work (I want to try grow my editorial section) that a viewer might have.

As a side-note….. This movie blog site only review mainstream movies in theaters (no smaller indie projects) at this time. Please no soliciting on independent projects for me to review (you’ll receive no response).