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Stuber (2019) Review

NANJIANI AND BAUTISTA SHINE IN A MOVIE THAT NEVER REACHES ITS POTENTIAL   Buddy cop movies have been around for quite some time. More often than not, the formula of these cinematic endeavors is relatively the same with some minor tweaks made to the story being told. While the narrative might be predictable (to a certain degree), the acting talents

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Late Night (2019) Review

THOMPSON AND KALING SHINE IN A TOPICAL DRAMEDY   Late night talk shows have been around for quite some time, taking the TV viewing spotlight during the late hours of the night and presenting a wide variety of comedy monologues, guest star appearances, and silly routine angst that keep viewers coming back for more. Created in the US (though not

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Anna (2019) Review

A VERY FAMILIAR (AND RECYCLED) FEMALE ASSASSIN THRILLER   Nowadays, spy movies are a dime of dozen; enticing viewers into a cinematic tale of a secretive covert world of spies, espionage, and political intrigue. Of course, the James Bond franchise instantly come to a person’s mind as the prime example, but there have been others, including the Mission Impossible franchise

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