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The Sun is Also a Star (2019) Review

A CHEESY, SILLY, AND PRETENTIOUS CONTEMPORARY TEEN DRAMA   In the literary world, the ever-shifting interest of teens novels has been in constant flux; passing from one popular trend to the next. The age of paranormal romance of vampires, werewolves, and demon hunters dominated the mainstream media interest of YA / Teen genre for several years, ushering a plethora of

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Long Shot (2019) Review

AN AMUSING POLITICAL SATIRE ROM-COM   In the plethora of cinematic subgenres of theatrical motion pictures, the usage of romantic comedies (i.e. rom-coms) has always been a primary / fundamental “cog in the machine” for the industry driving machine of Hollywood. While the passing of decades and era of feature films has changed with the current culture of the nation,

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Pokémon: Detective Pikachu (2019) Review

SUPER EFFECTIVE!   The Pokémon franchise has built a thriving empire within its vast collection of “pocket monsters” creatures that have dazzled and enticed its players / viewers for more than two decades. First released back in 1996 as the Game Boy video game Red a Pokémon and Green (which changed to Pokémon Red and Blue for the US &

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