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Wonder Park (2019) Review

BIG IMAGINATION THAT FALTERS IN ITS POTENTIAL   Imagination is a powerful thing. It’s the essence of exploring and developing creativity at its fullest; unleashing wild and crazy ideas that can be both fun and innovated to the world. The usage of imagination has taken many avenues in various outlets, including science, literary, business, and (most importantly) the arts. Within

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Cold Pursuit (2019) Review

AN UNEVEN DARK HUMOR THRILLER   Actor Liam Neeson has definitely made a name for himself in Hollywood. The Northern Ireland actor has turned a fine career of being leading man, but (like many actors in Tinseltown) humbly began in either smaller feature films or in supporting roles with some recognizable rising acting talents, including actors Mel Gibson and Anthony

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Little (2019) Review

BIG IDEAS, LITTLE VALUE   The idea of individuals “switch places” has been commonplace theme throughout the years of filmmaking. This can be a combination of trading lifestyles (Trading Places), a physical altering change (Big, 13 Going on 30, and Seventeen Again), or even a sort of switching bodies with another individual (Freaky Friday and Wish Upon a Star). As

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Where’d You Go Bernadette (2019) Review

A QUIRKY, CONFUSING, AND BLAND DRAMEDY   Film adaptations from bestselling books are a dime a dozen of recent Hollywood feature endeavors. The idea of “page to screen” isn’t exactly new or anything, but it has proven to work by bringing to life popular novels, beloved tales, and bestselling literary stories to the silver screen. The inherit hype of bringing

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A Madea Family Funeral (2019) Review

A MESSY SLAPDASH FAREWELL   Tough, crass, and always has something to say, Mabel “Madea” Simmons is a fictional character that was created by actor/ writer / director (yeah that’s quite an impressive list) Tyler Perry. This elderly African-American character has been fan-favorite of Perry’s works, debuting her in his recorded stage play I Can Do Bad All by Myself

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