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Top 10 Best Movies of 2017

The year of 2018 is now in full swing and, with the year of 2017 completed, it’s time to exam the “best” and “worst” movies that of that year. Indeed, there was a lot of movie releases seeing in 2017. In total, I’ve personally seeing (and reviewed) over 81 new movies in 2017, some that were very recognizable, while others

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Sunshine Blogger Award 2017

2017 is now here! Which means that its another year for the super fun, enlightening interesting, and illustrious Sunshine Blogger Award (Hooray!). This time around, I’ve been nominated by not one, not two, not three, but (in truth) five…yes five (5) other bloggers for this award. What can I say…I’m truly humbled and grateful to be nominated and to be

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Sunshine Blogger Award 2016

First the “Liebster Award” and now there’s the “Sunshine Blogger Award”….who know? Of course, I am very honored / flattered to be nominated and recognized for another blog award. And, like last time, I was nominated multiple times by several of my fellow bloggers. Thus…I have to thank the people who nominated me. Joel from Joel Watches Movies, Renate from Popcorn & Film,

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The Liebster Awards (Jason’s Movie Blog Q & A 2016 Edition Round 2)

Well, everyone. I’m back again for another round of being nominated for the “The Liebster Award”. I’m actually truly honored to be nominated again by not one, not two, but by three bloggers. I honest didn’t that many people cared about Jason’s Movie Blog. Thus, I must thank Joel over at Joel Watches Movies, Flickbox and The Motion Picture Blog for nominating me

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