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The Little Things (2021) Review

INCONCLUSIVE   In amongst the various popular film genres of action, comedy, horror, and sci-fi, the subgenre crime suspense thrillers have subverted itself with mystery, intrigue, and narrative driven storytelling. While this particular niche area can be interpreted in different ways and a variety of avenues, the realm of crime serial killer narratives has been the more popular, with many

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Son of the South (2021) Review

AN INFORMATIVE, YET A MIDDLING FILM   Over the years, the dramatic efforts of biopic endeavors have been something of a cinematic fascination with Hollywood, finding filmmaking talents both in front and behind the camera flocking to be a part of these theatrical motion pictures. While the idea of creating a biographical feature film about someone and / or some

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Outside the Wire (2021) Review

AN INTERESTING PREMISE THAT (GENERICALLY AND DREARILY) FIZZLES OUT   With the rise of the streaming services, Netflix, the major contender in this arena, has certainly “stepped up their game” in trying to amass viewers; exploring the ideas of original content in both in TV series, limited mini-series, and feature films. In the film category, Netflix has seeing produce or

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The Reckoning (2021) Review

A TIRESOME CHORE TO ENDURE   Neil Marshall has certainly run the “cinematic” gambit; delving into a variety of positions in his filmmaking career. After seeing Raiders of the Lost Ark at age eleven, Marshall was inspired to become a film director; producing home movies on a Super 8 mm film as well as attending film school at Newcastle Polytechnic

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No Man’s Land (2021) Review

GOOD INTENTIONS (HEART AND INSIGHT) CAN’T SAVE THIS MOVIE     The stories of US / Mexican border are often stranger than fiction; drawing inspiration from the real world of the border crossing, illegal immigrants, drug cartels, or political tensions. Thus, it comes at no surprise that Hollywood’s directors and writers take an interesting look at this particular location; drumming

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Our Friend (2021) Review

THE TIES THAT BIND US TOGETHER   Has Hollywood’s creative engine run out of steam? It goes without saying that Tinseltown might have done that, for many studios have found an interest in adapting popular / bestselling literary novels to the big screen as well as narratives that are “based on a true story / event”. Of late, however, there

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