• Creed II Official Trailer #1

    Adonis Creed steps back into the ring as MGM and New Line Cinema release the first official trailer for the upcoming boxing sequel film Creed II. View trailer below.

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  • Love, Simon (2018) Review

    EVERYONE DESERVES A GREAT LOVE STORY   As humanity continues evolve from one generation to the next, the idea of a person (male or female) being gay and attracted to

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  • The Grinch Official Trailer 2

    Benedict Cumberbatch is “grumpy” as ever as Universal Pictures and Illumination Entertainment releases the second official trailer for their upcoming film The Grinch. View trailer below.

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  • Dumbo Official Teaser Trailer

    The beloved tale gets ready for new heights as Disney (and director Tim Burton) release the official teaser trailer for the upcoming live-action film for Dumbo. View trailer below.

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  • Hearts Beat Loud (MovieMan Dan’s Guest Review)

    SWEET, CHARMING, AND SURE PUTS SMILE ON YOUR FACE   “Hearts Beat Loud” is the latest feature film from indie writer-director: Brett Haley of “I’ll See You in My Dreams”

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  • Ocean’s 8 (2018) Review

    A FUN SPIRITUAL SUCESSOR   Back in 2001, director Steven Soderbergh released Ocean’s 11, a remake of the classic heist film of the same name from the 1960. Much like

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Adrift (2018) Review



Tales of survival have always fascinated people. It’s an enigma that’s just as elusive as the dangerous journey of survival, but there’s just something about these stories that keeps viewers invested in the tales being told and the overall outcome of what happens to the individual / individuals. Whether it’s the battling the uncontrollable elements of nature and the surrounding area of wildlife to the psychological mental breakdown of a person’s sanity, tales of survival are captivating in their own right, finding a sort of inspirational silver lining in this dangerous (almost life and death) scenario. Of course, Hollywood has taken a shine to producing such survival stories to the big screen, including fictional ones like The Mountain Between Us, The Martian, The Revenant, and Cast Away to films being based on true life events like Apollo 13, The Impossible, Into the Wild, Alive, Everest, and 127 H? ours. Now, STX Films, Huyai Brothers Pictures, and director Baltasar Kormakur present the latest survival film Adrift, based on the true-life account of Tami Oldham Ashcraft. Does this newest survival tale find its stride (and isolation spirt) on the open waters or does it get lost in its own cinematic sea? Read more

Solo: A Star Wars Story (2018) Review




The Star Wars universe has proven to be a dominant force, branching out into other mediums and expanding on its lore and mythology beyond its original concept. While the core episodic theatrical films have been the main foundation in this sci-fi universe of spaceships, smugglers, blasters, lightsabers, Jedi, and the all-power omnipresent mystical power stream known as the “The Force”, its expansion into other facets and other avenues has captivated its fanbase for years, including books, tv shows, cartoon series, graphic novels, video games, and many more. Its enduring fanbase and its continuing growth for each new generation (i.e. exploring new time periods, settings, and characters) has made the Star Wars brand such a powerful and juggernaut force that very few franchises have been able to achieve. With Disney’s recent acquisition of the Star Wars (i.e. Lucasfilms), the motion picture franchise has continued to expand, producing a new trilogy (Episode VII: The Force Awakens, Episode VIII: The Last Jedi, and now untitled Episode IX) as well as the very first “spin-off” theatrical feature film with 2016’s Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. While the idea of creating something new into the Star Wars universe isn’t relatively groundbreaking, but Rogue One was indeed the first full length theatrical motion picture to be released, showcasing a new tale, which is set as a sort of prequel adventure to the original Star Wars film (Episode IV: A New Hope). Given its scope and ambition, Rogue One succeeded in presentation and its overall theatrical run, crossing over the billion mark at the box office ($1,056,057,273 to be exact) with fans, critics, and casual moviegoers intrigued by the film’s story; further opening the possible ideas of expanding cinematic universe of Star Wars with more “A Star Wars Story” spin-off films. Now, Lucasfilms (under Disney’s ownership) and director Ron Howard (as well as Phil Lord and Christopher Miller) present the second spin-off feature film in the Star Wars saga with movie Solo: A Star Wars Story. Does a cinematic story into the origin of everyone’s favorite smuggler worth telling or is it just another “cash and grab” from Disney on capitalizing its recently acquired popular franchise? Read more

Thoroughbreds (MovieMan Dan’s Guest Review)



Cory Finley’s “Thoroughbreds” was on my watch-list since it first premiered to great reactions/reviews out of the Sundance Film Festival last January. Shortly after the premiere, the film was acquired by the folks at Focus Features who continued to play the film at a variety of festivals across the US and UK throughout 2017 before ultimately dating the film for a March 2018 theatrical release. Read more

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