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A Bad Moms Christmas (2017) Review




In 2016. In amidst the summer movie lineups of animated feature, disappointing flops, and blockbuster sequels, a surprising hit emerge in the form of comedy film titled Bad Moms. Directed by Scott Moore and Jon Lucas, the movie, which starred Mila Kunis, Kristen Bell, Kathryn Hahn, and Christina Applegate, followed the story of character of Amy Mitchell, an overworked and stressed out mom, that (along with her two mom friends) decide to quit being a mom and the duties and expectations that go along with that title. Filled with cameo appearances, raunchy humor, R-rated gags, and some moral lessons about being a mom (and raising a child), the movie itself received mixed reviews from critics and moviegoers, with some finding its premise to their liking, while others simply believed that the feature could’ve offered more than what was presented. Regardless, Bad Moms, while it didn’t break records at the box office, was able to rack in $180 million worldwide against its $20 million production budget; making its money back and then some. Now, a year later (2017), STX Entertainment, Huayi Brothers Pictures and directors Scott Moore and Jon Lucas present the follow-up sequel to Bad Moms, which is appropriately titled A Bad Moms Christmas. Does this newest “Bad Moms” installment find its humor (and holiday spirit) or is the movie falter within its Christmas-themed narrative? Read more

CHiPs (2017) Review




Back in 1977, viewers were introduced to the world of the highway patrol officers of Baker and Ponch in the TV show CHiPs. Created by Rick Rosner, CHiPs (steaming from the abbreviation of “California Highway Patrol), followed the adventures of Jon Baker (actor Larry Wilcox) and Frank “Ponch” Poncherello (Erik Estrada) as a pair of motorcycle police officers who dealt with various issues from freeway pileups to chases. While not a monstrous big hit, the television series lasted until 1983, comprised of 139 episodes over six seasons. In comparison to the average lifespan Today’s TV shows, that’s extremely good. Now, Warner Bros. Pictures and actor / director Dax Shepard see to reimagine the classic TV show for the big screen with the comedy / action film CHiPs. Does this remake worth a glance or is it just another generic “buddy cop” movie from Hollywood? Read more

Bad Moms Review



What does it mean to be a good mom? What does it mean to be a bad Mom? How does one raise their children? How do you balance your family life and your work life? These are all good questions and, for tense and purposes, there really isn’t a clear definitive answer on the subject. For better or worse, be it a mom or dad, can be stressful with so much going on in your personal life and the lives of your family (i.e. spouse and children). At some point, however, whether the person would admit it or not, every parent has their “breaking point”. The question is…what happens after that? In a comedic spin on such parental events, STX Entertainment and Huayi Brothers Pictures present the R-rated comedy film Bad Moms. Does this feature bring the laughs as well as some poignant meaning or is it a forgetful raunchy comedy? Read more

The Boss Review




Melissa McCarthy has become a staple of recent comedy movies of being both big (rotund) and foul-mouthed throughout her roles and movies. Using 2011’s Bridesmaids as her break-out role, McCarthy has unleashed her “potty” mouth angst to moviegoers everywhere with such hits as 2013s buddy cope movie The Heat and 2015s spoof of the spy genre in Spy, and even future forecasting with the all-female reboot of this year’s Ghostbusters (the jury is out on this one). On the other hand, McCarthy still has some comedic misfire movies like 2013’s Identity Thief and 2014’s Tammy. Thus, like a lot of actors, McCarthy has some lows as well as highs. Now Universal Pictures and director Ben Falcone bring forth the latest comedy angst of McCarthy with the movie The Boss. Is this movie really in charge or is it a low point in McCarthy body of work? Read more

Frozen Review


For years, Disney animated films has captivated millions of viewers (both young & old) and have literally built from the ground up an empire that has dominated the market for producing such timeless cartoon treasures. Following in the footsteps of its rich history cannon of blending classical fairy tale stories (Adding a personal twist thrown into its tale) with Broadway style-esuqe musical songs, Disney debuts its 53rd animated movie titled Frozen (Based off of Hans Christian Anderson’s tale The Snow Queen). Does this new feature film find its way into your heart or is it as cold as ice? Read more