Frozen II Official Trailer

Get ready to go beyond the kingdom of Arendelle as Walt Disney Studios release the official full theatrical trailer for their upcoming animated sequel Frozen II.  View trailer below.

Anna, Elsa, Kristoff, and Olaf are going far in the forest to learn the truth about an ancient mystery of their kingdom.

I was wondering when the new trailer for this movie will be coming out….and now we have it. Much like what I said before, I did like the original Frozen movie and found it to be Disney embracing its classic signature of princesses, songs, and animal sidekicks. This new trailer for Frozen II does shed a bit more light on the main plot of the feature and its looks like we are going to go beyond the borders of Arendelle. To me, I’m excited for this movie and can’t wait to see it….

Frozen II  arrives in theaters on November 22nd, 2019


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