Happy Birthday 2019!!! (And Thank You Readers)

Another year older, another year wiser. Today (August 13th) is my birthday (Hooray!) and I wanted to share it with you fellow bloggers and readers.

Yes, I am 34 years old today and (yes…) I’m officially getting older, but I am still enjoying my life and happy of the life I’ve lived thus far. It’s also hard to believe that five years ago I took a leap of faith and signed up (on WordPress) for my first movie blog….Jason’s Movie Blog. I was always scared that no one would read my post / reviews and my passion to create a movie blog would diminish. However, that’s always been my biggest fears. Just like any artist or person who creates content, I always feared that know one would read my work and that my thoughts / viewpoints would never mean anything, especially since they are plenty of movie blogs out there on the internet. Thankfully, those fearful thoughts have been held back (or at least kept at bay) as my blog has flourished (over the years) and gets many hits each day from around the world.

But that wouldn’t mean anything if I don’t have readers, which is where you guys come in. From the bottom of heart, I just wanted to say thank you to all you guys out there. You guys read my work, like my posts, and offered your opinions on them in my comments section. I’ve grown on my social media (I do plan to expand on them and would like some help and advice on grown on their), so thanks to my followers on the various social media outlets as well as the WordPress community to my other fellow bloggers on here…..

I am always looking for advice on ways to improve my site, so if you guys have an idea or suggestion…just send me an email with your thoughts.

I just renewed my plan with WordPress account. That means that Jason’s Movie Blog is up and running for another year!!! Again, thanks for following me and reading my work.

Sincerely…your fellow movie lover / blogger



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