Aquaman Official Trailer #1

DC’s aquatic superhero finally gets his own cinematic adventure as Warner Bros. Pictures releases the first official trailer for their upcoming DCEU feature Aquaman. View trailer below.

From Warner Bros. Pictures and director James Wan comes an action-packed adventure that spans the vast, visually breathtaking underwater world of the seven seas, “Aquaman,” starring Jason Momoa in the title role.  The film reveals the origin story of half-human, half-Atlantean Arthur Curry and takes him on the journey of his lifetime—one that will not only force him to face who he really is, but to discover if he is worthy of who he was born to be…a king.

Hmmm….interesting. Given the fact that his premiere appearance in Justice League was just “okay”, this first trailer for Aquaman showcases a lot more going on for the character, especially since its his solo movie. The story’s plot (what’s shown in the trailer looks good) and the visual effects look slick as well, but I just can’t shake off the “bro” bravado that Momoa gives off for Arthur Curry. Seems a bit silly. Additionally, the DCEU has never done well with superhero team movies, but does well with solo films (i.e Wonder Woman). I’m hoping that Aquaman favors that trend. In the end, I’m looking forward to seeing Aquaman and will be interesting to see how this movie ultimately shape up with critics and moviegoers.

Aquaman  rides into theaters on December 21st, 2018


  • I agree with that feeling of “bro” bravado that you mentioned, but that said I do have to say that this trailer looks very cool and I am looking forward to seeing this movie on the bigscreen 😊😊

  • I love the new take on Aquaman – he’s bringing a whole different game to Arthur Curry – turning quite a boring (for me) character into a bit of a bogan Superhero. Should be an interesting film and I’m so glad to finally see what it may look like……why did this trailer take so long to come out???

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