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Aquaman (2018) Review



It goes without saying that Marvel’s cinematic universe of superheroes (i.e. the “MCU”) has proven to be a juggernaut franchise force, producing connected shared universe of superheroes feature films since 2008. Thus, in an attempt to show their superhero determination in Hollywood, Warner Bros. Pictures produced the DCEU (DC Extended Universe), utilizing the superheroes characters from DC Comics in a way to combat the Marvel’s cinematic universe. Beginning back in 2013 with their initial first film release Man of Steel, the DCEU has (unfortunately) had a bumpy road in producing a solid foundation to build upon. While Man of Steel showcased the grandeur superhero purpose and ambition of what the studio wanted to showcases for their own shared universe of comic book heroes and villains, their follow-up sequels Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice and Suicide Squad (both released in 2016), while were considered financially successful, were received with heavy scrutiny, criticism, and division amongst critics as well as moviegoers. A year later, 2017’s Wonder Woman provided the DCEU with a proper footing, with the film reaching critical acclaim, receiving largely positive reviews and having an incredible lucrative run at the box office during its theatrical release. However, just as Wonder Woman set up the proper stage for the DCEU to be successful, Justice League (the DCEU’s first large ensemble superhero team up feature) was released during the latter months of 2017 and was heavy criticized by critics and fans as well as underperforming at the box office with the franchise’s lowest number. Thus, with the failed prospects of the Justice League not reaching its intended goal, the lingering shadow of doubt has been cast upon the DCEU, spelling out an uncertain future for this once potential superhero shared universe. Now, a year after the release of Justice League, Warner Bros. Pictures and director James Wan present the next installment in the DCEU with the superhero movie Aquaman. Can this cinematic undersea adventure rise to the occasion of being the “shining beacon” for the DCEU or is it the final nail in the coffin for this shared comic book universe? Read more

Justice League (2017) Review



As the MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe) continues to expand and grow; reaching mass popularity with the cinematic version of its superhero properties in lucrative blockbuster features, the DCEU (DC Extended Universe) has had a rocky road in trying to catch up with it rival comic book movie juggernaut. In 2013, while the MCU entered its Phase II saga with Iron Man 3 (the seventh entry within its shared universe), DC (under Warner Bros. Pictures) began its cinematic universe with Man of Steel; a rebooted Superman origin story that showed off blockbuster aesthetics can could be achieved within this DC superhero world.  However, despite the film making money at the box office, Man of Steel was met with some mixed reviews from critics and moviegoers. In 2016, while Marvel released their thirteenth and fourteenth MCU features (Captain America: Civil War and Doctor Strange), DC Comic’s released two more movies underneath their DCEU banner, with Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and Suicide Squad. However, while both movies were hyped and had much pre-release fanfare projections and did produce a hefty amount at the box office, with Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and Suicide Squad were faced with mixed reviews (ranging from mediocre to negative criticism from moviegoers and critics). Given their film track record (at that point in time), it would seem that the DCEU would never get a highly praise film under its belt, with Marvel’s MCU further lengthen the distance between them. Fortunately, success was award to the DCEU with the 2017 arrival of Wonder Woman, which garnished a huge praise from fans, casual moviegoers, and critics alike as well as grossing roughly $820 million at the box office. Now the time for the DC superheroes to unite on the big screen as Warner Bros. and director Zack Snyder (as well as co-director Joss Whedon) present the highly anticipated comic book team-up blockbuster film Justice League. With fan expectations and the inherit hype building, does the DCEU finds its groove with this all-star superhero feature or does it fall flat and get lost within its own blockbuster narrative? Read more

Wonder Woman (2017) Review



The DCEU (DC’s Extended Universe has had a bit of a rocky road. Much like its comic book counterpart rival Marvel, DC has established its own shared cinematic universe, showcasing their popular and iconic superheroes for the big screen. Unfortunately, while Marvel, for the most part, has succeed in this endeavor with its ever-growing MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe), DC has faltered in this challenge. Beginning with 2013’s Man of Steel (a rebooted Superman origin story), the DCEU showed the grandeur and blockbuster thrills that can be achieved with their shared universe. However, Man of Steel, despite make money at the box office, was met with mixed reviews from both critics and fans. In 2016, DC, desperately trying to compete with the highly successful MCU, released two more movies underneath the DCEU, with Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and Suicide Squad. Much like Man of Steel, both films did produce at very hefty dollar amount at the worldwide box office, but were once again faced with mixed reviews (ranging from mediocre to negative criticism from moviegoers and critics). Now, in their fourth attempt, DC Comics, Warner Bros. Studios and director Patty Jenkins present the newest film in the DCEU with the movie Wonder Woman. Does this latest comic book feature finally deliver critical win for DC’s shared cinematic universe or is it another “swing and a miss” for their superhero endeavors? Read more

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