Tag Official Trailer #1

Tag! You’re It! Some games never get old as Warner Bros. Pictures releases the first official trailer for their upcoming comedy film Tag. View trailer below.

One month every year, five highly competitive friends hit the ground running in a no-holds-barred game of tag they’ve been playing since the first grade—risking their necks, their jobs and their relationships to take each other down with the battle cry “You’re It!” This year, the game coincides with the wedding of their only undefeated player, which should finally make him an easy target. But he knows they’re coming…and he’s ready. Based on a true story, Tag shows how far some guys will go to be the last man standing.

Hmmm…interesting and a bit peculiar premise for a feature film. A game of “Tag”? It’s really unorthodox for a comedy film, but I guess some of the “masterminds” at Warner Bros. saw something with this movie and decided to green light the project. Still, as bizarre as the film’s premise might be, the film’s cast looks quite stellar with a lot of comedic talents to be featured in this movie. Will this movie be good, especially since it’s being released in the summer? Well, the jury is out on that one, but Tag might be a surprise hit….i certainly hope so. I’m always looking for a comedy film to like.

Tag  hits theaters on June 15th, 2018


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