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Blithe Spirit (2021) Review

TRUE LOVE NEVER DIES   In the age of cinematic storytelling, Hollywood has always turned to other source materials for inspiration. Some have been based on a “true story” or event, while others have taken “loosely” based on certain scenarios (i.e., alternative history). Naturally, the ideas of popular properties from the likes of video games, literary novels, and television have

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Godmothered (2020) Review

A SWEET (YET QUITE FORMUALIC) HOLIDAY COMEDY FOR THE WHOLE FAMILY   Within the many whimsical natures of fairy tales (both old and new), the character of a “fairy godmother” has always been a fixed point of wonderment warmth and kind-hearted benevolence. Deriving from various parts of fairy tale folklore and legends, a fairy godmother is a fairy with magical

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Keeping Up With the Joneses Review

A SPY COMEDY DUD   Keeping Up with the Joneses” is an old saying (an idiom) that refers to the comparison to one’s neighbor social class or accumulation of material goods. If a person fails to “keep up with the joneses”, then that person is perceived (by his / her peers in society) as socio-ecomic or cultural inferiority. Now, playing

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