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Godmothered (2020) Review

A SWEET (YET QUITE FORMUALIC) HOLIDAY COMEDY FOR THE WHOLE FAMILY   Within the many whimsical natures of fairy tales (both old and new), the character of a “fairy godmother” has always been a fixed point of wonderment warmth and kind-hearted benevolence. Deriving from various parts of fairy tale folklore and legends, a fairy godmother is a fairy with magical

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Keeping Up With the Joneses Review

A SPY COMEDY DUD   Keeping Up with the Joneses” is an old saying (an idiom) that refers to the comparison to one’s neighbor social class or accumulation of material goods. If a person fails to “keep up with the joneses”, then that person is perceived (by his / her peers in society) as socio-ecomic or cultural inferiority. Now, playing

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