Downsizing Official Trailer #2

Experience the “big” world on a smaller scale as Paramount Pictures releases the second official theatrical trailer for the upcoming film Downsizing. View trailer below.

When scientists discover how to shrink humans to five inches tall as a solution to over-population, Paul (Matt Damon) and his wife Audrey (Kristen Wiig) decide to abandon their stressed lives in order to get small and move to a new downsized community — a choice that triggers life-changing adventures.

I do have to admit that I’m looking forward to seeing this movie. Yes, I do find the movie’s premise (the shrinking concept) to be quite interesting, but the movie itself seems a bit original for a Hollywood movie, which has been criticized of late. So, coming up with a somewhat new idea like this is quite a refreshing. This trailer does show off a lot of scenes from the previous trailer, but it does present a few new ones, including a plot points. With a good cast, an interesting premise, Downsizing could be a surprise hit during the last few weeks of 2017. Let’s hope it is….


Downsizing  arrives in theaters on December 22nd, 2017


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