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The Angry Birds Movie 2 (2019) Review

AN IMPROVEMENT MADE, BUT STILL BLARINGLY NONSENSICAL   Back in 2016, sandwiched between the theatrical releases of The Nice Guys and Neighbors 2, Sony Pictures and Rovio Animation released the full-length Angry Birds film titled The Angry Birds Movie. Based on the popular app game from Rovio, the film, which was directed by Clay Kaytis and Fergal Reilly, followed the

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The Angry Birds Movie Review

PLUCK MY LIFE   Created by the Finnish company Rovio Entertainment, Angry Birds (a mobile downloadable game) first debuted back in December 2009 for Apple iOS. Drawing inspiration from “Crush the Castle” (a mobile game developed from Armor Games), Angry Birds has been praised by many for it simplistic nature of fun gameplay and comically style (all of which is

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Horrible Bosses 2 Review

A GOOD MINDLESS SEQUEL THAT HAS MORE LAUGHS THAN A PLOT Back in 2011, Horrible Bosses graced the silver screen, tapping into average worker (9 to 5ers) frustration of slaving underneath wretched bosses. Presented as a comedy, the film showcased the lives of Nick, Kurt, and Dale as they try and murder their respective superiors. In general, the film was

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