Black Panther Teaser Trailer

Hero. Legend. King. T’Challa returns as Marvel Studios releases the teaser trailer for their upcoming superhero film Black Panther. View trailer below.

After the events of Captain America: Civil War, King T’Challa returns home to Wakanda, but soon finds his sovereignty challenged by factions within his own country. When two enemies conspire to bring down the kingdom, T’Challa must team up, as the Black Panther, with C.I.A. agent Everett Ross and members of the Dora Milaje—Wakanda’s special forces—to prevent a world war.

While I really don’t know much about the history and comic book lore of the character of Black Panther, I’m very curious to see this (more so than seeing Spider-Man: Homecoming). Let’s be honest, both Spider-Man and Black Panther were both fan favorites of Captain America: Civil War, especially Black Panther. Now, Marvel is gonna explore the nation of Wakanda and the political struggle the T’Challa must face. As for the teaser trailer, it was pretty good and showcased a lot of new elements within the MCU. Suffice to say, I’m really excited to see this movie.

Black Panther  hits theaters on February 16th, 2018

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