Kong: Skull Island Final Trailer

Prepare to take a journey into Skull and discover its “ruler” as Warner Bros. Pictures releases the final trailer for their upcoming movie Kong: Skull Island. View trailer below.

A trip back to the mysterious and dangerous home of the king of the apes, the new film will follow a team of explorers (led by a character played by Tom Hiddleston), who venture deep inside the treacherous, primordial island to find the leader’s brother and a mythical serum, confronting extraordinary creatures along the way.

Well…(to be honest) I’m a bit surprised to see this trailer, especially with the movie being released in two weeks. On the other hand, I am now a bit more curious to see this film. At first, I wasn’t excited to see it (I still have a few mixed thoughts about another King Kong movie), but Kong: Skull Island is starting to grow on me a bit (the trailers I mean). Echoing to what I said about the other trailers, this movie seems to keep the standard troupes of the Kong mythos (a mysterious island, natives, giant creatures, and King Kong battle them). It will be interesting to see what makes this movie standout from the other iterations, so be sure to catch my review of the movie when it comes out.

Kong: Skull Island stomps it way into theaters on March 10th, 2017


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