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Captain Marvel (2019) Review



The Marvel Cinematic Universe (i.e. the MCU) has indeed become a dominant force in both the superhero genre of filmmaking as well as cinematic blockbusters genre. Since the franchise began back in 2008, the MCU has quite literally ascended to popular movie franchise stardom, producing a continuing narrative of interconnected superhero feature films (all from which are comic book source material properties from Marvel comics) within a shared movie universe. With each new entry, the MCU has grown in size (expanding its own universe of heroes, gods, and monsters) as well as providing a blockbuster-ish superhero fantasy escapism for moviegoers around the world. Naturally, the franchise itself has proven to be a powerhouse juggernaut, cultivating large successful numbers at the box office with every entry, which demonstrate the mass appeal of costumed comic book heroes and the need for continuing the various MCU phase sagas in continuing already established ones as well as new ones to fill in the roster. Now, Marvel Studios and directors Ryan Fleck and Anna Boden gear up for the 21st theatrical motion picture installment of the MCU with the movie Captain Marvel. Is the movie “simple marvelous” or is it just a flat and uninspiring entry in the long-running cinematic universe? Read more

Kong: Skull Island Review



It’s seems like every major studio in Hollywood is trying to establish their own cinematic universe. With the film industry trending on the idea of adaptations, prequels and, reboots / reimaginings, the ideal of shared cinematic universes are the popular rage with the latest blockbuster phases. From the realm of superheroes with Marvel’s (aka Disney) MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe) and Warner Bros’s DCEU (DC Extended Universe to Universal’s Pictures upcoming shared universe of Monsters (starting with the 2017’s reboot of The Mummy), these cinematic universes are seeing as profitable franchises, producing crossover events and interlinking these feature films to bring a certain inherit hype to the films. Now, continuing that share universe trend with 2014’s remake Godzilla, Legendary films and director Jordan Vogt-Roberts present the newest iteration of King Kong with the movie Kong: Skull Island. Does this latest feature deliver on “Giant Monster Mayhem” or is it a forgetful King Kong movie? Read more

Trainwreck Review




As a stand-up comedian, Amy Schumer has gain followers with her off-beat comedy routine, poking fun at her personal appearance as well as her sex life. While her comedy is colorful, Schumer’s talents hasn’t being fully tested on the TV / movie platform with an only a couple of small supporting roles in various projects and mostly recently her own show on Comedy Central called “Inside Amy Schumer”. Now Schumer, along with director Judd Apatow, brings her comedy routine to the big screen with the film Trainwreck. Does the film prove to be suitable ground for the 34 your comedian or is the movie like its namesake (a train wreck)? Read more