Sunshine Blogger Award 2017

2017 is now here! Which means that its another year for the super fun, enlightening interesting, and illustrious Sunshine Blogger Award (Hooray!). This time around, I’ve been nominated by not one, not two, not three, but (in truth) five…yes five (5) other bloggers for this award. What can I say…I’m truly humbled and grateful to be nominated and to be recognize by some great bloggers out there on the internet. So a big thanks to….Keithlovesmovies, Reads & Reels, Film Frenzy, Mini Media Reviews, and Popcorn & Film. If you guys haven’t heard about these people, then go check them out. I follow them and they have some great posts! So…without further ado…here we go!


Much like the rules for “The Liebster Award”, the rules for “The Sunshine Blogger Award” are as follows….

Post the award on your blog

Acknowledge the blogger who nominated you

Answer 11 questions that have been assigned to you

Nominate 11 deserving bloggers for the award

Ask 11 questions to your nominees




Question #1 – What do you like to do in your spare time?

Answer #1 – Reading, daydreaming, exercise (trying to lose weight for my 2017 New Year’s resolution), and traveling.

Question #2 – What would like to do if you had more time?

Answer #2 – Travel a lot more. I love to travel.

Question #3 – If you can only watch one movie or TV show the rest of your life, what would it be and why?

Answer #3 – It definitely would be Guardians of the Galaxy. I love that show. It has everything…action, drama, comedy, and superhero nuances. Definitely my favorite Marvel movie.

Question #4 – What is your favorite TV show right now?

Answer #4 – Vikings

Question #5 – What was your favorite movie of 2016?

Answer #5 – Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. I know…. (I find that answer vague and unconvincing)

Question #6 – What was your least favorite movie of 2016?

Answer #6 – Max Steel. It was so bad and so horrible. Why was it even made, is beyond me.

Question #7 – What is your most anticipated movie of 2017?

Answer #7 – Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2!!!

Question #8 – What is your least anticipated movie of 2017?

Answer #9 – Fifty Shades Darker

Question #9 – Any movie or TV guilty pleasures?

Answer #9 – Warcraft (movie) and probably Stargate SG-1 (TV)

Question #10 – What is your Best Picture winner at this year’s Oscars?

Answer #10 – I would like to see Hidden Figures or Hacksaw Ridge get the award, but I think La La Land will winning, which it should because it was a great film.

Question #11 – Do you still watch trailers?

Answer #11 – Most definitely. I absolutely love movie trailers. Sometimes there actually better than the movie itself.



Question #1 – How long have you been blogging?

Answer #1 – Since 2014

Question #2 – How many times do you go to the cinema in a month?

Answer #2 – Roughly 6-8 times a month (sometimes more)

Question #3 – What was the last movie you saw at the cinema?

Answer #3 – Hidden Figures

Question #4 – How do you plan to make your blog bigger and better?

Answer #4 – I’m going to try and venture to do more genres I don’t see as much (horror) as well as having guest blogger post their reviews on my site. Oh yeah, and a few more editorials as well.

Question #5 – Do you jot down notes about the movie before writing your review?

Answer #5 – Not really, but most times I usually write the first paragraph of my review before seeing the movie.

Question #6 – How much time do you spend on your blog a week?

Answer #6 – 1-2 hours a day (depend on that week if I have to a few movie reviews)

Question #7 – Have you had any cool experiences from blogging?

Answer #7 – Personally, I don’t know, but I’ve met some great fellow movie blogger (virtually) since starting Jason’s Movie Blog.

Question #8 – How do you make your blog have more person feel?

Answer #8 – Usually the first paragraph in my “THE GOOD / THE BAD” section, I usually try had some personal reflection about myself that mirrors the review’s opening paragraph (it usually varies and depends on what I coming up in the opening paragraph).

Question #9 – Have you made any good friends from blogging?

Answer #9 – Most definitely. A lot. You’re one of them!

Question #10 – What makes your blog unique?

Answer #10 – I usually try to make my movie reviews very professional and very in-depth.

Question #11 – Would you ever consider creating a YouTube channel to go with your blog?

Answer #11 – I’ve thought about it, but I don’t know. I hate the sound of voice. It sounds completely different (to me) when I hear it played back versus when I saying something. I know…weird.



Question #1 – What is your favorite film from 2017 (so far)?

Answer #1 – A Monster Calls

Question #2 – What was the best present you got for Christmas?

Answer #2 – When Santa (wink, wink, my mom and dad) gave me and my brother our first dog (Sasha) when I was in 3rd grade.

Question #3 – What is your favorite TV show?

Answer #3 – Game of Thrones and Outlander

Question #4 – What do you like to spread on your toast?

Answer #4 – Definitely jelly (strawberry)

Question #5 – Do you prefer to binge watch or watch week by week?

Answer #5 – To be fair, both. Yes, I do like to binge watch stuff, but the TV shows I usually watch come out on a week by week release, so I usually do that.

Question #6 – What do you watch most of your content on (TV / Cinema / Computer Mobile Device?)

Answer #6 – Cinema or TV (when I get the Blu-ray of the film or TV show season).

Question #7 – Tea or Coffee?

Answer #7 – Coffee. Never been much of a tea drinker.

Question #8 –What film have you just never got around to watching, but still really mean to?

Answer #8 – Currently…. Silence

Question # 9 – What was the last film that you watched from a female director?

Answer #9 – Underworld: Blood Wars (director Anna Foerster)

Question #10 – 3D or not 3D?

Answer #10 – It really depends on the movie. For big blockbusters or CG heavy visuals, then yes. For everything else, no.

Question #11 – Where do you get most of your film / move / TV news from?

Answer #11 – Movieweb,, IGN, and



Question #1 – If you could live in any country, which one would it be?

Answer #1 – Denmark or New Zealand (the people in both countries are super nice, friendly, and easygoing. Completely different from the USA).

Question #2 –Which movie are you most looking forward to watching at the cinema this year?

Answer #2 –Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.2

Question #3 –If you could discuss one movie with a producer or actor, who would it be and which movie would you discuss?

Answer #3 – Definitely would be Guardians of the Galaxy and with Chris Pratt. Would be totally epic!

Question #4 – In which Hogwarts do you belong?

Answer #4 – Hard-working, friendly, loyal, and non-judgmental…. definitely Hufflepuff!!!

Question #5 – Which is your favorite TV show at the moment?

Answer #5 – Vikings

Question #6 – If you could write a book about yourself, what would the title be?

Answer #6 – Looking Between Realities

Question #7 – If you could go back to the past and change something in your life, what would it be? (but be warned that changing history can be very dangerous).

Answer #7 – Probably to make myself more confident when I was younger. I have confidence now, but not back then.

Question #8 – Would you rather go to Hogwarts, Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters or Starfleet Academy?

Answer #8 – Definitely Hogwarts

Question #9 – Best thing that will happen in 2017?

Answer #9 – I don’t know yet. We’ll just have to wait and see….

Question #10 – The best food from your country that you would recommend everyone to try?

Answer #10 – Haha…probably a Hamburger (I know…super American for me to say that).

Question #11 – Which movie should everyone watch right now and why?

Answer #11 – La La Land. It’s actually pretty good and basically is a love letter to the old Hollywood musicals.


So here are my nominees for the prestigious Sunshine Blogger Award. If you haven’t heard about these blog sites, check them out and “follow them”.


The Film Editorial

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Jordan’s Movie Guide

Lindsay Acland

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Sarah Saw A Movie

Tranquil Dreams


So here are my questions to the nominees….


Question #1 – What was your favorite movie of 2016?

Question #2 – What was your least favorite movie of 2016?

Question #3 – What is your most anticipated movie of 2017?

Question #4 – What is your favorite food?

Question #5 – If you could attend a 2017 movie premiere, what movie would it be?

Question #6 – And who would you bring with you?

Question #7 – Where do you rather venture to…. Narnia or Middle-Earth?

Question #8 – Have you ever attended an advance screening for a movie?

Question #9 – Favorite movie quote?

Question #10 – Beyond blogging, what do you (as a job)?

Question #11 – Do you ever sneak in food / drinks when you go to the movies / cinemas?

This is not SPAM or anything and its some not mandatory, but I hope that you 11 will do this as it will be insightful for your followers / readers and fun for you at the same time. That’s it guys. Once again, I would like to thank Keithlovesmovies, Reads & Reels, Film Frenzy, Mini Media Reviews, and Popcorn & Film for nominating me for the Sunshine Blogger Award. It was fun answering your questions and I hope the people I have nominated will respond to my question. Can’t wait to read them!


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