Sunshine Blogger Award 2016 (Round 2)

Well, 2016 is slowly coming to an end, so I decided to do my second post (my second round) of the illustrious Sunshine Blogger Award (Hooray!). This time around, I’ve been nominated by not one, not two, not three, but (in truth) five…yes five (5) other bloggers for this award. What can I say…I’m truly humbled and grateful to be nominated and to be recognize by some great bloggers out there on the internet. So a big thanks to….Lindsay Acland, Big Flick Reviews, MovieManJackson, Keithlovesmovies , and Motion Picture Blog. If you guys haven’t heard about these people, then go check them out. I follow them and they have some great posts! So…without further ado…here we go!


Much like the rules for “The Liebster Award”, the rules for “The Sunshine Blogger Award” are as follows….

Post the award on your blog

Acknowledge the blogger who nominated you

Answer 11 questions that have been assigned to you

Nominate 11 deserving bloggers for the award

Ask 11 questions to your nominees




Question #1 – If you could make any actor/actress/filmmaker/writer just disappear to continue their reign of terror in another dimension, who would it be?

Answer #1 – Hmmm…. Probably Zach Galifianakis. I like him in The Hangover movies and so of his other film projects. However, his recent movies (in the past couple of years) have been mediocre. He’s like the new Adam Sandler. And that’s not a good thing.

Question #2 – Is there a city where you would really love to set your own film/book, and what would it be about?

Answer #2 – Probably somewhere in the England (all over the country). Probably the classic tale of a young boy, who loves legends and myths, discovers that they are true (discovers some magical creatures like Elves, Sprites, Dragons, etc.).

Question #3 – Have you ever visited a city/country because it was featured in a film or book?

Answer #3 – Because of The Lord of the Rings movies, I’ve always wanted to see New Zealand. So I was fortunate to take a cruise from Sydney, Australia to Auckland, New Zealand and discover the beauty of both countries, especially New Zealand.

Question #4 – Were there any TV shows/movies/books that you lived and breathed when you were a child/teen?

Answer #4 –  Power Rangers or Gargoyles (TV Shows), The Lion King (Movie), and Redwall by Brian Jacques.

Question #5 – Is it better to make a classic, respected novel into a movie, or better to adapt a poor novel and try to improve it?

Answer #5 – Probably the first. Because of the source material is poor, the film adaption will be poor as well (regardless of how much they improve on it).

Question #6 – Is there a movie you liked better than the book?

Answer #6 – Probably The Hobbit Trilogy movies. I know everyone loves Tolkien’s work (myself included), but there’s a lot of stuff that “visually” told and represented that the book doesn’t cover that movie expands upon. Although, I think they stretched the material a bit too much (still think it should have been told in only two movies).

Question #7 – Are there any actors/actresses/writers/directors that you feel are vastly underrated?

Answer #7 – Hmmm…probably actor Greg Kinnear. I know he’s not a “A-lister” star in Hollywood, but he is a pretty good actor (in my opinion that is).

Question #8 – How do you feel about all the sequels/reboots etc.? Still love ’em or bored?

Answer #8 – Reboots…yes. As for sequels…. not so much, so long as the story been told as enough “freshness” and keeps the narrative (movie) on point and not on trying to be “bigger and better” than its predecessor.

Question #9 – Do you have any favorite books or websites that helped you learn about blogging/writing/film criticism?

Answer #9 – Probably glancing at various movie blogging around the web helped me get the idea to start my own movie blog from the web design layout to how it is structure. They helped me find my voice.

Question #10 – Are there any films/books on your shelf still begging to be read?

Answer #10 – Movies….no not really (I watch a lot). TV shows / books…. yes. I have a lot that are begging to be watched and read. Too many to count.

Question #11 – Who are your favorite film directors/novelists?

Answer #11 – Authors are Brian Jacques, Ken Follett, Clive Cussler, Brandon Mull, Tracy Hickman, and Margaret Weis. I really don’t have a absolute favorite movie director as some good directors can create bad movies and unknown directors can great some standout feature films. So I technically don’t have a favorite one.




Question #1 – Do you prefer watching movies at home or at the cinema?

Answer #1 – Probably at home. However, going to see a big blockbuster movie or going with a bunch of friends is great fun at the cinemas. So maybe both…depending on the movie (if that answer is acceptable).

Question #2 – What was the first movie you ever watched?

Answer #2 – Probably a Disney movie. I think it was Cinderella (the original animated version)

Question #3 – What TV show are you currently obsessed with?

Answer #3 – I have several….Vikings, Westworld (season 1 just ended), Outlander, Black Sails, I have to catch up on Arrow and Flash.

Question #4 – Have you ever been to the cinema alone?

Answer #4 – Yes, many times. Due to the fact that I do movie reviews, I usually go Thursday night to see a the new move playing that week. If I like it or if there’s another one, I’ll go with friends to see that movie again or another movie at a later date.

Question #5 – Have you always enjoyed watching movies?

Answer #5 – Most definitely. Maybe it started out as escapism from real life, but I’ve appreciated movies as I grew older, which led me to becoming an amateur movie reviewer.

Question #6 – How much time do you spend blogging a week?

Answer #6 – An hour or two each night. Time marches on for no man….

Question #7 – How do you promote your blog?

Answer #7 – Through WordPress, but also through social media outlets (i.e. Facebook, Twitter, Google+, etc.)

Question #8 – What experience has blogging given you?

Answer #8 – Allowed my writing to improve and flourish, helped me find “my voice” in writing my posts, and allowed me to meet some other bloggers out there on the internet.

Question #9 – How do you motivate yourself to keep the blog up and running?

Answer #9 – By trying to stay current with the recent releases of movies and movie trailers. I usually go to the movies once or twice a week.

Question #10 – What made you start your blog?

Answer #10 – For a lot of reasons. However, the main one is that I do have passion for movies that goes beyond just simply watching them. In addition, my blog also helps people decide on whether or not to see a particular movie. In an age where going to the theater (or cinema) is expensive (the average American family of four is spending roughly $40 to $60+ on a night out at the movies) and turns out that the movie may be mediocre or terrible. I give insight into see if a new movie worth seeing in theaters, at home, or simply just skipping it altogether.

Question #11 – How are you going to expand your blog?

Answer #11 – Guest blogging on other blog sites and having guest bloggers on my site and maybe do a few more editorial pieces.




Question #1 – Favorite Sport?

Answer #1 – Football

Question #2 – What fall 2016 movie (Sept-Dec) are you most looking forward to?

Answer #2 – Definitely Rogue: A Star Wars Story

Question #3 – Will movie theater watching ever completely die?

Answer #3 – I don’t think so. However, you never know. Times are always changing.

Question #4 – Favorite food at the theater?

Answer #4 – Popcorn and Soda (and then maybe candy)

Question #5 – What role would you take on in a movie production (actor/actress, director, producer, composer, etc.)?

Answer #5 – Probably film editing

Question #6 – All-time favorite movie genre?

Answer #6 – The animation genre

Question #7 – Favorite actor right now?

Answer #7 – Chris Pratt

Question #8 – Favorite actress right now?

Answer #8 – Alicia Vikander

Question #9 – Any actor/actress you fail to see the hype in?

Answer #9 – Hmmmm…. maybe Brad Pitt. I do like him and some of his movies, but his movies are usually overhyped and (sometimes) not worth the excitement (i.e. Troy)

Question #10 – How far do you live away from most frequented theater?

Answer #10 – Only ten minutes away. Pass by it to and from work each day.

Question #11 – Last Blu-Ray / DVD purchased?

Answer #11 – As of the date of publishing this…. The Secret Life of Pets




Question #1 – If a movie was made about your life, what genre would it be?

Answer #1 – Probably a “coming of age” drama tale

Question #2 – Is there any movie that you love but nobody else does?

Answer #2 – Probably the Warcraft movie

Question #3 – Any guilty pleasure movie or TV wise?

Answer #3 – For movies, Stargate. As for TV shows, Stargate SG-1

Question #4 – Do you still read and if so, what’s your favorite book?

Answer #4 – Yes, I do still read (work at bookstore…kind of a requirement to read). As for what is my favorite book…probably Redwall by Brian Jacques.

Question #5 – If you had more time in a day, what would you be doing?

Answer #5 – Probably either sleeping or going to the movies…haha!

Question #6 – Is there anything you’ve ever wanted to do, but just haven’t had the chance?

Answer #6 – When I was younger (10-13), I always wanted to go to a summer camp. You know…those ones where you spend all summer at and going fish, kayaking, hiking, and so on so forth. Was always scared that I would get homesick, but always wanted to do that.

Question #7 – Do you care about IMAX and / or 3D when watching a movie?

Answer #7 – It depends on the movie. If it’s a heavy visual blockbuster film, then yes I do. For everything else, no it doesn’t bother me.

Question #8 – What was your favorite subject in school?

Answer #8 – History

Question #9 – If you can meet a famous person who is either dead or alive, who would it be and why?

Answer #9 – Hmmm…. I don’t know. That’s a hard question. Probably someone who was a visionary in some field. Maybe someone like Steve Jobs or Walt Disney. Would like to pick their brains on what they truly envisioned.

Question #10 – Have you ever been so mad at a movie that you couldn’t help but yell at the screen?

Answer #10 – Yes, a couple of times (I think it was some idiotic move by a character and then by some dumb moviemaking skills about the film in general).

Question #11 – What movies are you looking forward to for the rest of this year?

Answer #11 – Definitely got to be Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. And then Passengers and Sing.




Question #1 – Who is your biggest inspiration?

Answer #1 – Probably my parents. They’ve become more successful people through the skills, determination, and “street” smarts. Plus, they told me to follow my passion in creating a movie blog. So…thank you mom and dad!

Question #2 – What is the worst film you have ever seen?

Answer #2 – Probably Masterminds or the new Fantastic Four movie. Hated both of those films.

Question #3 – What is your favorite film in the last ten years?

Answer #3 – Guardians of the Galaxy. Definitely!

Question #4 – Have you ever had an idea for a film?

Answer #4 – Most definitely. Had one scenario about my life on when I went on a cruise to the Mediterranean. I was 14 at the time and went with my grandparents and my older brother. I was definitely homesick (missed my parents), so there’s drama emotional part. After the second day, I began to embrace the experience and had the best time of my life. Plenty adventure, wonder, excitement, teen drama, and a coming of an age tale for me. I could go on, but that’s it in a nutshell.

Question #5 – Who is your favorite movie protagonist of all time?

Answer #5 – Probably Star-Lord from Guardians of the Galaxy. He’s got heart, charm, and is hilarious.

Question #6 – What is your favorite film blog? This can be one you follow on WordPress, or a much larger site like Screen Rant (for example)?

Answer #6 – Well, I do like plenty of blogger site (especially those ones on WordPress), but I have to say Screen Rant I do check out daily to see what they’ve written. Of course, there’s reviews for films and the like, but there also posts about movie Easter eggs, theories, news, etc.

Question #7 – Do you plan your blog posts in advance?

Answer #7 – Yes, I do. Since I use a very formal “collegiate” essay format, I usually write the opening paragraph before seeing the actually movie.

Question #8 – Where do you see yourself and your blog in the next year or so?

Answer #8 – Hopefully still writing reviews about movies, but also doing more editorial pieces, guest blogging on other sites, and allowing more bloggers to guest blog on my site.

Question #9 – How important is film to you?

Answer #9 – Well, I am a movie blogger, so it easy to say that I’m very passionate about film

Question #10 – How do you maintain creativity?

Answer #10 – Through writing and listening to music

Question #11 – What advice would you give to newbie bloggers?

Answer #11 – Probably to find your own voice when blogging (via writing style and what your blog talks about). In addition, to interact with your fellow bloggers (i.e. like, comment, converse with them, etc.).


So here are my nominees for the prestigious Sunshine Blogger Award. If you haven’t heard about these blog sites, check them out and “follow them”.


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So here are my question to the nominees…..


Question #1 – What was your favorite 2016 movie (so far)?

Question #2 – What was your least favorite 2016 movie (so far)?

Question #3 – Favorite summer blockbuster movie of 2016?

Question #4 – What 2017 movie are you most excited for?

Question #5 – Marvel or DC?

Question #6 – Favorite style (genre) of music?

Question #7 – Favorite food?

Question #8 – Favorite place you traveled to?

Question #9 – I’m looking to have guest bloggers on my blog…interested?

Question #10 – When did you start blogging?

Question #11 – What plans do you have for your blog in 2017?


This is not SPAM or anything and its some not mandatory, but I hope that you 11 will do this as it will be insightful for your followers / readers and fun for you at the same time. That’s it guys. Once again, I would like to Lindsay Acland, Big Flick ReviewsMovieManJacksonKeithlovesmovies, and Motion Picture Blog for nominating me for the Sunshine Blogger Award. It was fun answering your questions and I hope the people I have nominated will respond to my question. Can’t wait to read them!


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