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Hugh Jackman returns (one last time) as the infamous mutant “Wolverine” as 20th Century Fox releases the first trailer for the upcoming superhero movie Logan. View trailer below.

Set in 2024, one year after the events of X-Men: Days of Future Past, the atmosphere isn’t in favor for the mutants and there is an evident decline in the mutant population, and those who are still existing are unable to use or maximize their powers anymore. The abilities of Professor X that greatly helped and guided the mutants is also destabilized and this thing leads to the possible depression of Logan who seems to be lost in an oblivious state of uselessness after swearing he will not use his claws to bloody purposes after his healing factors are also weakened. Meanwhile, an evil powerful organization had been amid upon the impending topple of the premium line-up of good and trustworthy mutants, project Transigen arises, where evil doctors and scientists turn kid mutants into killing machines. Logan and Professor X will have to rise above their pain and weaknesses to be able to defeat the brains behind the evil Transigen project.

While I do like the X-Men movies and their comics (I’ve only read some of them), I’ve never been a huge fan of the Wolverine movies. Of course, I do like Hugh Jackman as an actor as he always is great as Logan (aka Wolverine), but the previous two solo movies of his were my least favorite of the X-Men movies (i.e. X-Men Origins: Wolverine and Wolverine). I don’t know. Well, of course, Origins was okay, but the ending was bland (the whole Deadpool thing) and Wolverine was soooooo boring. Personally, I think the X-Men movies are better when its a group / team, not a solo character-ish movie. As for this trailer for Logan, it looks good (I like that Patrick Stewart is in it) but, given with what I just said, I still have my doubts, even though I know a lot of Marvel comic fans like the whole “Old Man Logan” storyline. However, it will be interesting to see as its suppose to be Hugh Jackman’s final appearance in the X-Men movies as Wolverine (but you never know…he could return again). So….who knows. I’ll definitely go and see Logan, but I just can’t shake my inherit feelings about another solo mutant movie.


Logan slashes its way into theaters next year on March 3rd, 2017


  • I’m really intrigued by this trailer. I read the old original Old Man Logan which was set in an alternate world post-apocalypse. It was really interesting but definitely not the inspiration for this one. Not real familiar with the newer OML but I’m more than willing to give this film a shot. I know midi didn’t like it, but I enjoyed The Wolverine (minus its horrible ending).

  • The trailer was interesting, I haven’t read Old Man Logan, but I have read almost every issue of Uncanny X-Men from Giant Size X-Men 1 to about issue 415, along with about 125 issues of X-men, about another 150 of Wolverine, roughly 100 issues of Cable, and 64 of Deadpool, along with other short lived X-Men related series. I have been disappointed with many of the X-Men movies, simply because they are wrong, with Deadpool and the first two being the exceptions. I’m hoping its good because Wolverine is one of my favorite characters, along with Iron Man, and I hate seeing characters like that in a bad movie. Although I do like the way he is portrayed, but there are some many things that are wrong, starting of course with the origin they gave him in the movie. The movie isn’t on the top of my list, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2 is, but I’m hoping for the best.

    • Exactly….the same here. I haven’t read Old Man Logan, but I know a lot of people like it. I do like Jackman as Wolverine, but I’ve never really liked his solo X-Men movies. Like you, I’m hoping for the best of this movie, but I’m still choosing Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.2 over this.

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