The Liebster Awards (Jason’s Movie Blog Q & A 2016 Edition Round 2)

Well, everyone. I’m back again for another round of being nominated for the “The Liebster Award”. I’m actually truly honored to be nominated again by not one, not two, but by three bloggers. I honest didn’t that many people cared about Jason’s Movie Blog. Thus, I must thank Joel over at Joel Watches Movies, Flickbox and The Motion Picture Blog for nominating me for the award again. If you guys haven’t heard of these three blogs, be sure to click on their links and check them out. Their pretty awesome!.

And so, let’s begin “Round 2” of The Liebster Awards (Jason’s Movie Blog Q & A 2016 Edition).


Like last time, the same rules apply for the Liebster Awards. If you don’t know what they are….


Thank the blogger(s) who nominated you
 Answer the 11 questions the blogger gives you
 Nominate 11 bloggers that you think are deserving of the award
 Give them 11 questions of your own
 And post it on your blog!


Interview #1 (Joel’s Q’s and My A’s)

Joel Question #1

Last great film you saw?

Answer #1

Captain America: Civil War

Joel Question #2

Favorite film that starts with the letter F?

Answer #2

Frozen (I know…I know…I got to “Let It Go!”)

Joel Question #3

Last film you cried during?

Answer #3

Warrior. That ending gets me almost every time.

 Joel Question #4

Favorite Vegetable?

Answer #4


Joel Question #5

Favorite Microwaveable Food?

Answer #5

Re-heated take-out food

Joel Question #6

Favorite Actor or Actress?

Answer #6

Chris Pratt

Joel Question #7

Something you wished you saw more in movies?

Answer #7

Better and / or original storytelling

Joel Question #8

Something you wish you saw less?

Answer #8

Less “page to screen” adaptations

Joel Question #9

Favorite thing to do for fun (besides watching movies)

Answer #9

Creative writing

Joel Question #10

Favorite opening credits sequences


Guardians of the Galaxy (the part immediately after the you see the main title)

Joel Question #11

Best thing that’s happened to you so far this year?

Answer #11

Was on a reality TV show (HGTV’s House Hunters International).

Interview #2 (Flickbox Q’s and My A’s)

Flickbox Question #1

What is your favorite horror movie?

Answer #1

I’m not a “huge” fan horror movies.

So my favorite is probably Crimson Peak (I know that its not “true” horror)

Flickbox Question #2

If you could be a movie bad guy, which one would it be?

Answer #2

Probably Thanos from Marvel Cinematic Universe. He’s like the final boss of a video game.

Flickbox Question #3

Would you let a movie crew film in your house ?

Answer #3

Kind of sort of did that already. Was on a reality TV show (HGTV’s House Hunters International) and a small film crew make a filmed my family and I. There was a camera guy, a sound guy, a director, and the producer of the episode. We had to hit our “landing marks” and do a couple of shoots for just one scene. If lighting was a problem, that had to a more light like a movie crew does. It was pretty awesome.

Flickbox Question #4

What kind of movie would you like to star in ? Why ?

Answer #4

Any movie really, but probably like a large ensemble movie

(something like a Avengers movie or a Ocean’s Eleven film)

Flickbox Question #5

Which movie star should live forever ?

Answer #5

Matt Damon. I like him and usually like his movies.

Flickbox Question #6

Would you like to be an actor/actress ? Why or why not ?

Answer #6

I’m 50 / 50 on this. Yes, it would be thrilling and exciting to be an actor (with money and fame), but that’s only if you (as an actor) make it big. Unknown actors and actresses sometimes live a hard life, struggling to find work in theatrical field. So…its a tossup.

Flickbox Question #7

Do you think movies have been developing technology

or technology has been developing movies ?

Answer #7

I think technology has been developing movies. Advances in computers and graphics and processors help the film industry propel forward in visual effects, practical effects, cinematography, and cameras. Some movies nowadays could not be filmed (or rendered) if they were made 20 years ago.

Flickbox Question #8

If you were to be an actor / actress, which director would you like to work with ? And actor ?

Answer #8

Probably I would work with Steven Spielberg (such a legendary director in Hollywood)

and I would probably like to work with Chris Pratt for the actor.

Flickbox Question #9

Would you rather be in a movie, or be given $500.000 ?

Answer #9

As much as I love movies, I probably would take the $500,00. Although, there’s a lot of variables to consider in that question. What role would I play (major or minor or cameo)? What it did a big motion picture or a indie film? Will it be released globally or premiere at a small film festival?

Flickbox Question #10

Think of a boring movie you’ve seen. Is there a way to make it better ?

Answer #10

Fifty Shades of Grey was a pretty boring movie. How to make it better? Well, basically redo the entire movie. Besides, editing, camera angles, and the musical song selection, the movie is just sloppy. Its lead characters are wooden, its script is literally laughable, and its heightened sexual events are tamed (which quite strange for such a celebrated “erotic” novel. I just didn’t see the fascination with the movie’s presentation. Maybe it these changes are done, the movie could be a tad bit better (but I doubt it).

Flickbox Question #11

Which movie has the best story ? Tell me about it.

Answer #11

Probably Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope. If you think about it has the classic archetype storytelling that most fantasy novels and epic films follow. The destitute lad, the wizen sage, the swashbuckler / gunslinger hero, the princess, the sidekicks, the evil empire. Those are all common elements that are usually found in classic storytelling. Even how the narrative works (if you look at Episode IV to VI) fits the “Hero’s Journey” from Joseph Campbell.

Interview #3

(The Motion Picture Blog Q’s and My A’s)

TMPB Question #1

If you can remember, what was the first film you ever watched?

Answer #1

Probably Disney’s Cinderella (the original 1950 cartoon)

TMPB Question #2

If you were locked in a room for twenty-four hours and could only

watch one film to pass the time, what would it be?

Answer #2

Guardians of the Galaxy

TMPB Question #3

What is your favorite genre of film?

Answer #3

Probably either action or animated

TMPB Question #4

Do you write about every film you watch?

Answer #4

I usually make a strong effort to do so,

but there are a few the slip in-between the cracks

TMPB Question #5

Which do you prefer; watching a film at the cinema;

streaming a film on Netflix; or watching a film on DVD?

Answer #5

Probably at the cinema.

There’s just a rush of watching it on the big screen on opening night.

TMPB Question #6

What’s your favorite thing to do when you’re not blogging?

Answer #6

Reading and writing

TMPB Question #7

What’s your other interests besides film?

Answer #7

Traveling, Sports, and History

TMPB Question #8

What films have you seen more than once?

Answer #8

Haha…A lot (too numerous for me to even list on here).

TMPB Question #9

Are there any films that you really dislike?

Answer #9

Of recently…Fifty Shades of Grey,

Fantastic Four (the 2015 version), Hot Pursuit, American Ultra, etc.

TMPB Question #10

What is the funniest film you have ever seen?

Answer #10

Hard question…probably The Heat

TMPB Question #11

Do you get any money from writing your blog/ if not,

do you plan on making an income from your blog someday?

Answer #11

At this moment, no I don’t. However, I do plan on sending my

work to editors, so that one day I could get paid for my blog.


So here are all my 11 bloggers that I follow and nominate….

Madison Movies Reviews

RobbinsRealm Blog



The Bit-C Blog

Raging Film


Snap Crackle Watch!

The Last Picture Blog

Movie Reviews and Lists

Movie and Music Surgery


This is not SPAM or anything and its some not mandatory, but I hope that you 11 will do this as it will be insightful for your followers / readers and fun for you at the same time.

And now…My Question for the 11 nominees as follows

Question #1

What is your best “Movie-going” Experience?

Question #2

Have you ever met someone famous in real life?

Question #3

What is your favorite movie ending and why?

Question #4

Fantasy or Sci-Fi?

Question #5

Harry Potter or Lord of the Rings?

Question #6

How long have you been blogging?

Question #7

Favorite movie this year (so far)?

Question #8

Least favorite movie this year (so far)?

Question #9

Do you think 4K Ultra HD movies will stick around

or ended up as a “failed video format” product.

Question #10

What country do you live in?

Question #11

If you could, which film award ceremony would you like to attend?

That’s it guys. Once again, I would like to Joel Watches Movies, Flickbox, and The Motion Picture Blog for nominating me again for “The Liebster Award”. It was fun answering your questions and I hope the people I have nominated will respond to my question. Can’t wait to read them.


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