Warcraft Trailer

Enter a world of humans and orcs in the first trailer for the epic fantasy adventure Warcraft. View trailer below.

The film portrays the origin story of the initial encounters between the humans and the orcs, with an emphasis upon both the Alliance’s and the Horde’s sides of their conflict. Featuring characters such as Durotan and Lothar, the film will take place in a variety of locations established in the video game series.

My impression for this trailer is good. I’ve been a fan of Warcraft (love the old RTS games, not of the new online ones) and also the lore and mythos that Blizzard Entertainment has developed in crafting this fantasy world. The movie looks interesting and beautifully detailed, but seems a little “odd” with CG orcs (who look good) interacting with live-action humans characters. The blend isn’t quite right. Who knows…maybe it’s just me. Anyway, Warcraft is a movie I’ll love to see and review.

Worlds will collide when Warcraft comes to theaters next summer on June 10th, 2016

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