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The Hurricane Heist (2018) Review

A TERRIBLE MOVIE THAT BLOWS (HARD)   The action genre has become a permanent staple in the cinematic history of filmmaking, stylizing the high-power thrills and adrenaline angst to make for a fast-moving storytelling motion picture. Nestled in that genre is smaller subgenre of action heist features. These particular films showcase id highlight the same basic fundamentals of an action-oriented

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Ben-Hur (2016) Review

AN UNNECESSARY “SWORD AND SANDAL” REMAKE   The biblical tale of Ben-Hur or rather “Ben-Hur: A Tale of the Christ” (as it is officially called) has been hailed as “the most influential Christian book of the nineteenth century”. Written by author Lew Wallace and published in 1880, the story recounts the adventures of Judah Ben-Hur, a fictional Jewish prince from

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Warcraft Review

FOR AZEROTH AND ITS FANS   Been a video game franchise since 1994, Warcraft has been a dominating force of the world of PC gaming. Created by Blizzard Entertainment, the franchise allowed players to be transported to a sprawling fantasy realm of humans and orcs and additional races later on (elves, night elves, the undead, and so on). At first, the Warcraft

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Dawn of the Planet of the Apes Review

A DAWN OF GREATNESS   The Planet of the Apes movie has been iconic in history of Hollywood movies since its first movie (Planet of the Apes) back in 1968. With its infamous story of intelligent apes that dominate the human race, to its famous lines (“You damn dirty apes!”, etc.), The Planet of the Apes have been a part

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Fantastic Four Review

AN UNFANTASTIC REBOOT Hollywood loves rebooting movies and / or film franchises to the point where it’s almost consider commonplace. The idea is to revamp the movie’s identity (plot, characters, etc,) and make it more fitting to speak towards the current modern audience. While that’s the fundamental premise, some could argue that the film’s industry’s fixation on reboots is to

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