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Inferno Review

INFERNO IS NOT THE CURE   Back in 2006, director Ron Howard (along with actor Tom Hanks) introduced a cinematic world of secret societies and an ancient mystery in The Da Vinci Code. Based on author Dan Brown’s global best-selling book of the same name, the movie followed Hank’s character of Professor Robert Langdon through a harrowing journey to uncover

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Lone Survivor Review

TRULY GRIPPING AND INTENSE, BUT MISSING SOMETHING   Over the past decade or so, Hollywood has punched out a fair share of war films for audience members to see with gritty real-life action, bombastic gunfights and explosion, and unwavering portrayals of valor and honor to those characters that fight and die in the name of freedom. Whether based in truth

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Warcraft Review

FOR AZEROTH AND ITS FANS   Been a video game franchise since 1994, Warcraft has been a dominating force of the world of PC gaming. Created by Blizzard Entertainment, the franchise allowed players to be transported to a sprawling fantasy realm of humans and orcs and additional races later on (elves, night elves, the undead, and so on). At first, the Warcraft

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