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The Mummy (2017) Review

AN AMBIGUOUS AND DISAPPOINTING WORLD OF GODS AND MONSTERS   Blending horror and adventure, The Mummy franchise has existed a long time within the great tapestry of movies and films, dating all the way back 1932 with Karl Freund’s The Mummy and starring Boris Karloff as the titular “mummy” character. While there’s being several adaptations, the premise has remained the

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The Nice Guys Review

A SOLID 70’S DETECTIVE CAPPER   During the 1970s, the movie industry saw a plethora of neo-noir films. More often than not, these movies were often cop / detective features that spoke and adhere to the decade’s look, feel, and style. In general terms that’s the classification for genre of films, but movie buffs and film critics would often say

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Noah Review

A BOLD AND FANTASTICAL APPROACH TO A BIBLICAL TALE The Bible has a hefty wealth of tales residing within its pages. Stories of caution, faith, moral ambiguity, and a great host of other various accounts are chronicled with immense details that have resounded from one generation to another. So, considering the gravitas and poignancy of such tales, Hollywood as taken up

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