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Big Hero 6 Review

DISNEY’S ANIMATED SUPERHERO JAUNT SOARS HIGH Last November, Disney released their 53rd animated feature Frozen. This Disney-esque take on the Hans Christens Anderson’s Snow Queen was met with overwhelming praise and joyous fanfare. Critics and moviegoers fell in love with Elisa, Anna, Kristoff, Sven, and Olaf as well as its enchanting musical songs, making Frozen an undeniable success (Grossing over

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Interstellar Review

A STUNNING SPACE ODYSEEY OF CINEMATIC NUNANCES AND QUANTUM CONFUSION Christopher Nolan has sure made a name for himself in the world of movies. When he creates a movie, everyone notices it with a heightened sense of wonder and intrigue. Nolan started out with good, but lesser known feature films such as Following, Memento, Insomnia, and The Prestige. He eventually

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Gone Girl Review

A MASTERFUL AND ENTHRALLING ADAPTATION David Fincher has worn many hats over the years. He’s directed music video for some of music’s top artist, he’s produced several projects including the Netflix hit show House of Cards (Fincher directed the two episode of the series), and directed such memorable movies with films like Fight Club, Zodiac, The Curious Case of Benjamin

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