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Lady Bird (2018) (Stuff And That Guest Review)



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In the cavern of pretentiousness and self-congratulation that is Oscar season, there are always a few gems to be found and, with Lady Bird being nommed for Best Picture among others, this one wasn’t too tricky to excavate — but it sure is a diamond. Read more

Bridge of Spies (2015) (Stuff And That’s Guest Review)

Before we start this badboy, I’d like to thank chaboi Jason (a round of applause please) for letting post this crap on his site. If you do like what ya see, feel free to check us out (links below).


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Released among the 2015 bunch of Oscar bait, Bridge Of Spies is the fact-based story of an insurance lawyer who, during the Cold War, is recruited to defend, and then negotiate the trading off of, a suspected Soviet spy. Directed by none other than chaboi Spielberg, it was heralded as a highlight of the year, being nominated for awards across the board, with Mark Rylance winning an Oscar for his portrayal of said Soviet spy. Read more

Split (Stuff And That’s Guest Review)

Me, Myself & I-Scream.

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Split is the latest from infamous director M. Night Shyamalan, who was really good in the late 90s/early 00s, then flopped gloriously on his face throughout the 2000s, with a string of awful movies including The Happening, The Last Airbender and, oh God, After Earth. It follows the disturbing life of Kevin, who has 23 different personalities, as he kidnaps three “impure” girls to be sacrificed to his 24th, or The Beast. As well as a fair bit of hype (the cinema was packed with dickheads who didn’t know what they got themselves into), the film also amounted quite a bit of controversy due to its themes of mental health. I, personally, have been riding the aforementioned hype train for this flick ever since I saw the first trailer, which peaked my interest (my initial reaction here) thanks to its ominous and interesting premise, so I was excited to see if this film had just as much personality as its main character(s). Read more

Batman: The Dark Knight Returns (1986) (Stuff And That’s Guest Review)

Beginning, Returning, Rising, Striking Again…


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‘Tis an honour to write the first graphic novel review for Jason’s Movie Blog, but let’s not get sentimental about it *sniff sniff*.

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The 80s were a good time to be comics fan… and a movies fan… and a music fan. They just seemed to be pretty good in general, actually, not that I’d know. However, let’s stick to comics right now, this is a graphic novel review after all. Read more

Dirty Harry (1971) (Stuff And That’s Guest Review)

There Ain’t No Sunshine In His Bag.

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Clint Eastwood is, as my father would put it, “a bad man”. There is little argument in this, as he is indeed, “a bad man”. His multiple roles in man-films, like the Dollars trilogy, have cemented his status as this. However, 1971’s Dirty Harry really showed him off, without the poncho, as the baaaaaad mamma-jamma Clint can be. Read more