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He deserved this punch.

When someone says they don’t like Dragon Ball, I’ll probably say to them, “but dude, Dragon Ball!” However ridiculous it is, Dragon Ball is one of my favourite things, and I say this from playing its games, watching a few of its films, and regrettably as of yet not watching much of the actual series or reading the manga, for various reasons. This Battle of Gods feature length was the big reboot for the series, which kicked Toriyama into making new Dragon Ball once again, and reminding me that it’s flippin’ good, and I need to read it at least.

I mean, this film is pretty stupid. There’s some filler here and there, a couple of dud jokes, and it starts fairly slowly, all with a fairly formulaic plot ‘n all dat. Although these flaws may prevent the movie from reaching particularly spectacular heights, they don’t stop it from being a damn fun watch, and one instantly recommendable to any anime fan, or just anyone looking to have a fun time watching an action film outright.

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Goku is now red. Hooray I guess!

Akira Toriyama was brought back in to be the mastermind behind this, and he brought us exactly what we wanted. For a Dragon Ball tingaling, it’s got everything you’d want. It’s got the comedy, the fisticuffs, the Hercule, the passion of Goku, the solid villain, and it’s all in your face, exactly as you’d dreamt it. Battle of Gods mixes everything you love about Dragon Ball, and makes it all the more worth it with an amazing final act and a handful of awesome fight scenes, which are exemplified by the quality animation.

In conclusion, Battle of Gods is the best DBZ movie I’ve seen, as despite a little spattering of imperfections it delivers everything you’d want plus more, making it an enjoyable and re-watchable action flick — and one that’ll give super-fans some goosebumps, I’m sure.

Let’s face it, if you don’t like Dragon Ball Z you won’t like this, but if you do, or you’re at least tolerant of it, just watch it, you’ll have a good time.

4.0 Out of 5 (Highly Recommended)


Released On: March 30th, 2013
Reviewed On: December 12th, 2016


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