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The Hustle (2019) Review

A BLAND, UNORIGINAL, AND FLAT OUT BORING CON ARTIST CAPPER   Within the recent decade or so, Hollywood has continued to its fixation of sequels, prequels, and reboots within a variety of motion picture projects across the various movie genres. The results have different opinions of these new iterations, with some offering up a fun / genius continuation of its

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Isn’t It Romantic (2019) Review

A HUMOROUS SATRICAL ROM-COM   With Hollywood studios investing money in big-budgeted tentpole features or in smaller scale artistic films (ones that are worthy of Oscar / award nominations), the subgenre of romantic comedies is left somewhere in the middle of those two extreme juggernaut film genres. Naturally, romantic comedies movies, which are both a subgenre to both the romance

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Pitch Perfect 3 (2017) Review

AN “ACCA-DISAPOINTMENT”   In 2012, one of the hidden movie gems that year was the small budgeted musical comedy film Pitch Perfect; a film that shone a cinematic light in the cutthroat world of collegiate acapella singing. To the uninitiated, the movie follows freshmen Beca Mitchell and her singing cohort (the Barden Bellas) and the rise to the challenge in

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How to be Single Review

HOW TO BE “SEX IN THE CITY”-ISH   In real life, it can be hard to find your “Mr. Right” or “Mrs. Right”. With millions of people out there in the world, the idea of finding your soulmate is trial and error process of several courtships of dating. Some are lucky in find the right choice on the first go-round

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Pitch Perfect 2 Review

AN ACCA-AWESOME SEQUEL 2012 was the year that made a cappella singing “acca-awesome” with the surprise musical comedy Pitch Perfect. Made with a modest sum of only $17 million, this sleeper hit, which grossed $117 million worldwide, followed uninitiated newcomer Beca Mitchell and her singing cohort (the Barden Bellas) in the cut-throat world of collegiate acappella. While not much celebrity

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