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Dumbo (2019) Review

DUMBO FLIES, BUT NEVER SOARS   In 1941, Walt Disney Pictures released Dumbo, their fourth full-length feature animated film. The movie, which was based on the story / novel by Helen Aberson and Pearl, followed the journey of Jumbo Jr., a semi-anthropomorphic elephant who is cruelly nicknamed “Dumbo”, as in “dumb”. He is ridiculed for his big ears, but in

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American Assassin (2017) Review

NOT DEADLY OR LETHAL ENOUGH   Best-selling author Vince Flynn is known for political thriller of the character of Mitch Rapp. While his earlier career is a bit unorthodox (working for Kraft foods, a brief stint in training to be an aviator in the US Marine Corp, and then as a bartender), his passion came from reading and writing and,

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Spider-Man: Homecoming (2017) Review

A CELEBRATORY HOMECOMING   The Marvel superhero character Spider-Man (aka Peter Parker) has been done his circuit on the big screen for many years, with different iterations being brought to each installment of everyone’s favorite webslinger. Based on its comic book source material, which was created by Marvel legend Stan Lee and Steve Ditko, Spider-Man made his leap onto the

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The Founder Review

THE PERSISENTS (AND GREED) OF THE AMERICAN DREAM   McDonalds. Without me even talking about it, you probably around know what I’m talking about. Yes, those two golden arches in shape of letter M and one of the biggest fast food franchises on the planet is what I’m talking about. From Big Macs to Egg McMuffins (and everything else in-between),

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