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Fantastic Four Review


Hollywood loves rebooting movies and / or film franchises to the point where it’s almost consider commonplace. The idea is to revamp the movie’s identity (plot, characters, etc,) and make it more fitting to speak towards the current modern audience. While that’s the fundamental premise, some could argue that the film’s industry’s fixation on reboots is to simply “cash in” on today’s current trend, creating the reboot with similar overtones to what’s on the already on the market. Some have succeed in this endeavor (praised by both fans and critics), while others have faded into obscurity. Keeping up with the superhero comic book trend, 20th Century Fox releases the film Fantastic Four (a summer blockbuster reboot from 2005’s Fantastic Four). Will this updated reboot win moviegoers over or is it another failed “get rich quick” scheme by Hollywood?
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