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Respect (2021) Review

HUDSON SHINES IN A STANDARD BIOPIC DRAMA   Aretha Franklin, the queen of soul herself. The allure, excitement, and overall fascination of the talented singer has captivated millions across the world, spanning generations with her iconic voice and memorable tunes. Her fame popularity grew with her releases, populating the musical airwaves with her songs that were comprised of multitude of

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Jingle Jangle: A Christmas Journey (2020) Review

BRILLIANCE BECKONS. GENIUS AWAITS.   Christmas movies have been a “time honored” tradition. During the holiday Christmas season, seasonal feature films get their chance to shine; dazzling viewers with its yuletide cheer and overly sentimental narratives of love, family, and Christmas celebrations. With plenty of holiday classic films and TV specials making their circulation during this time of year, it’s

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Arrival Review

WHAT IS YOUR PURPOSE ON EARTH?   Throughout the years, many have wonder of what our “first contact” with extraterrestrial life (alien) will be like. Will they be friendly? Will they be hostile? How will they look like? How will the general public regard these celestial beings? Will they understand our language and accept our humanity? Such questions have always

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