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The Witches (2020) Review

VISUALLY FUN, BUT DERIVATE AND SLIGHTLY UNIMPRESSIVE   In children’s literature, Roald Dahl has certainly made a name for himself. Born from immigrant parents in Wales and serving in the Royal Air Force during WWII, Dahl went on to become a prominent writer in the 40s with noteworthy works in the field of children’s literary works as well as in

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The Hustle (2019) Review

A BLAND, UNORIGINAL, AND FLAT OUT BORING CON ARTIST CAPPER   Within the recent decade or so, Hollywood has continued to its fixation of sequels, prequels, and reboots within a variety of motion picture projects across the various movie genres. The results have different opinions of these new iterations, with some offering up a fun / genius continuation of its

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Dark Waters (2019) Review

THE DARK TRUTH BEHIND THE “FOREVER CHEMICAL” EXPOSED   As many theatrical feature film endeavors have delved into fictional arena to find its narrative storytelling, others have taken strides into the more “real world”, with various accounts (albeit through a cinematic filmmaking lens) of depicting / examining lives and events of world and how sometimes the truth (the real truth)

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Rio 2 Review

TALENTED AND COLORFUL, BUT OVERSTUFFED AND UNNECESSARY   Back in 2011, Rio was a surprising hit, grossing nearly half a billion at the box office. This animated “Fish out of water” tale of Blue, a domesticated blue macaw bird, and his misadventure in the city of Rio de Janeiro was well met; appealing to viewers with a good story, colorful

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