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Bloodshot (2020) Review

AN INTERESTING PREMISE THAT FIZZLES OUT   In the cinematic age of superheroes blockbusters dominating the box office and the general moviegoer’s attention, action movies are scrambling for attention. Big named mask and costumed characters from Marvel and DC comic books have certainly been at the forefront of lucrative “moneymaking”, while other publishing companies have been approached for a theatrical

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Cold Pursuit (2019) Review

AN UNEVEN DARK HUMOR THRILLER   Actor Liam Neeson has definitely made a name for himself in Hollywood. The Northern Ireland actor has turned a fine career of being leading man, but (like many actors in Tinseltown) humbly began in either smaller feature films or in supporting roles with some recognizable rising acting talents, including actors Mel Gibson and Anthony

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Angel Has Fallen (2019) Review

A PASSABLE “NO GUTS, NO GLORY” THREEQUEL   It’s been several years since movie character Mike Banning displayed his big-screen heroics and larger-than-life bravado in his Fallen (or Has Fallen as some are calling it) action saga. Beginning back in 2013 with the release of the movie Olympus Has Fallen, the story centers around Mike Banning, a former 75th Ranger

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Transformers: Age of Extinction Review

GO BIG OR GO HOME Michael Bay’s Transformers cinematic movies have been down a rocky road. Debuting back in 2007, the first film (Transformers) was met with some scrutiny from critics and from fans of the Hasbro toys franchise, but raked in big money (Over 700 million) at the world box office. The film ultimately proved strong enough to warrant

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