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Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy XV Review

RULE WELL, YOUNG KING   Like other pillars of video gaming (i.e. Mario, Sonic, Zelda, and Mega Man), the Final Fantasy series has endured over the many console generations wars, cementing itself in gaming history. Created by Square, who later became Square-Enix, and set as a Japanese Role-playing game (or J-RPG for short), the Final Fantasy games have created breathtaking

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Eye in the Sky Review

NEVER TELL A SOLDIER THE COST OF WAR   How does one (in any of the military branches) handle a hostile condition concerning loss of life or the proper handling of an elevated mission? What is the best course of action? In layman’s terms, the “Rules of Engagement” (aka ROE) are a set of rules or coherent directives to military

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Exodus: Gods & Kings (2014) Review

RIDLEY SCOTT’S BIBLICAL EPIC GETS LOST IN ITS OWN DESERT Over the years, film director Ridley Scott has cultivated several feature films that would be categorized as “Epics”. These film, expansively vast in both scope and grandeur, have taken viewers to memorable places throughout history from Ancient Rome (Gladiator), to the Crusades (Kingdom of Heaven), and to medieval England (Robin Hood). Now,

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