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Lady Macbeth (MovieMan Dan’s Guest Review)


Intro: Lady Macbeth first premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival in September ’16 where it opened to rave reviews from across the board. Most who saw the movie at the premiere were largely impressed with the film overall and so I was puzzled to see that the folks at Roadside Attractions (in the US) and D Films (in Canada) didn’t go with a Fall/Winter 2016 release to qualify the film for Awards Season glory.
Maybe they felt like they had too much competition on their hands and that the title would go unnoticed among the likes of so many other films or maybe they just didn’t see it as an Awards Season Contender, who knows? Regardless, the film is finally receiving a North American run all of these months later and I finally got my chance to check it out recently…
Before I dive in with my review, though, here’s a brief plot synopsis…

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The Big Sick (MovieMan Dan’s Guest Review)

A REFRESHING LITTLE ROM-COM WITHSOME BIG LAUGHS AND AN EVEN BIGGER HEART   Intro: Every year there’s the one film that premieres at Sundance that’s extremely over hyped by the time that it’s finally released into theaters and this year that film is: Michael Showalter’s (“Hello, My Name is Doris”) new dramedy: “The Big Sick”.  It’s now been six months

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The Bad Batch (MovieMan Dan’s Guest Review)

GREAT CINEMATOGRAPHY, VISUALS, AND PRODUCTION DESIGN GIVE LIFE TO ANA LILY AMIRPOUR’S BOLD VISION Intro:  Following the Critical and cult success of 2014’s “A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night” – Ana Lily Amirpour is back with another bold vision for genre fans.  “The Bad Batch” first Premiered at the Venice Film Festival in ’16 and now following a few

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Band-Aid (MovieMan Dan’s Guest Review)

ZOE LISTER JONES’S DIRECTORIAL DEBUT: “BAND-AID” IS LIGHT, BREEZY AND A LOT OF FUN TOO! Intro: “Band-Aid” was another audience favorite at Sundance this year and so naturally, it was quickly added to my watch-list following it’s World Premiere screening at the festival. Since then, the film has now been released into US theatres and on Select VOD platforms following

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Wakefield (MovieMan Dan’s Guest Review)

BRYAN CRANSTON DELIVERS ANOTHER GREAT PERFOMANCE IN THIS THOUGHT-PROVOKING, POETIC AND REALLY ENGAGING DRAMA Intro: After witnessing the absolute masterpiece which was: “Breaking Bad” – I’ll gladly watch any film or TV series that features Bryan Cranston in it with absolutely no questions asked.  He’s quickly become of the best actors of his generation and of all time in my

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Captain Underpants: The First Epic Movie (MovieMan Dan’s Guest Review)

A FAITHFUL AND REALLY FUN ADAPTATION OF THE WIDELY POPULAR BOOK SERIES INTRO: TRA-LA-LAAA! Well, It’s arrived, and while it’s here a few years later than anyone expected it to be, it’s here none-the-less. We finally have a “Captain Underpants” movie in theatres and much to my surprise, it’s not half bad either.  First printed in 1997 by author: Dav

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