Wish Official Trailer

Be careful what you wish for as Walt Disney Studios releases the official trailer for their upcoming animated film Wish. View trailer below.

In the Kingdom of Rosas, located off of the Iberian Peninsula, a 17-year-old girl named Asha senses a darkness that no one else does about the kingdom’s ruler, King Magnifico. This eventually leads to her trying to make a passionate plea to the stars in a moment of need. Soon, an actual star from the sky named Star answers Asha’s wish. After the star falls from the sky, it is revealed that the star has magical powers to grant wishes as well. Together, Asha and Star must overcome the evils rising in Rosas and fight for a better future in order to have something better than what they already have and for all dreams to come true for the people of Rosas.

I was wondering when the new trailer for this movie would be released. Much like what i said about the official teaser trailer for this film, Wish definitely feels like a Disney movie, especially in its brave young female protagonist, wicked bad guy, animal sidekick, and musical numbers. I do like how Disney is once again “embracing” its own signature identity rather than trying to copy and / or mimic something else. This new trailer showcases plenty of new footage, including more about the plot of this movie. In the end, I’m very much excited to see what Wish does at the box office and how critics (and moviegoers) will receive this feature.

Wish  arrives in theaters on November 22nd, 2023

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