Sailor Moon Eternal: The Movie Official Trailer

Beautiful dreams will be reborn eternal as Toei Animation releases the official trailer for the upcoming two-part anime feature endeavor Sailor Moon Eternal: The Movie. View trailer below.

The Sailor Guardians’ latest set of adventures unfold in April, when the cherry blossoms of Tokyo are in bloom, and the Japanese capital is in a festive mood, as it celebrates the largest Total Solar Eclipse of the century. As the new moon obscures the sun and gradually dims its light, Usagi and Chibi-Usa encounter Pegasus, who is in search of the chosen Maiden who can break the seal of the Golden Crystal. At the same time, a mysterious troupe called the Dead Moon Circus appears in town, their nefarious plan being to scatter nightmare incarnations known as Lemures, to seize the ‘Legendary Silver Crystal,’ and to rule over the moon and earth, eventually coming to dominate the entire universe.

Oh my god…..I am super stoked. I’ll be the first to admit that I am a Sailor Moon fan….definitely one of favorite amines growing up (alongside Dragon Ball Z and Pokémon). When it was announced that updated remake of the Sailor Moon property (Sailor Moon Crystal), I was super excited and love watching the past three seasons. With adapting the fourth season of series (Super S or the “Dream” arc), the creators decided not to make a full season, but rather make the project as a theatrical motion picture….spilt into two feature films. I have been waiting for this one for quite some time. The animation looks incredible and even though I know what is ultimately going to happen in the movie (from watching the animated show), I am still excited to see this. Can’t wait for Sailor Saturn!!!

Sailor Moon Eternal: The Movie  is set to premiere on Netflix on June 3rd, 2021

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