Looking Ahead (Jason’s Movie Blog’s Public Service Announcement)

Hello to all my readers. Here is a personal message from Jason’s Movie Blog of what to expect in the coming weeks.

As many know, the coronavirus (COVID-19) has swept the world by storm and has literally changed the daily routines of countless millions of all nations. The overall gravitas of the situation has indeed reached a palpable state, with WHO (World Health Organization) calling it a “globally pandemic”. Living in the United States and working for in the retail workforce, my past days (in the past week or so) have been quite stressful; dealing with customers / guests over what they need and what I have in store for them to purchase. This is why I haven’t been positing that much in the past week. I stay rested, take plenty of vitamins, staying hydrated, and always wash my hands regularly throughout the day.

With many demonstrating “social distancing”, business have begun to change their hours and / or close until further notice. This includes movie theaters, with the main ones that I currently go to during my “weekly movie theater outings” closing their doors. Of course, the effects of the coronavirus have shuttered in the movie industry, with low box office results in the past weeks as well as studios pushing back their films release dates, including No Time to Die, F9, Mulan, New Mutants, Lovebirds, and several others.

So, what does this mean for Jason’s Movie Blog? Well, the blog will continue to up and running for the foreseeable future…. just with some minor tweaks. I do have several reviews in the works, including Onward, I Still Believe, Emma, Pokémon: Mewtwo Strikes Back Evolution, and Bloodshot (my last one I saw in theaters), so I’ll be posting them in the near future (depending on my schedule with work). After that, we’ll have to wait and see. With Universal Pictures announcing several of their new releases on VOD (i.e. The Invisible Man, The Hunt, Emma, and Trolls 2), I have a feeling that this is going to be the new way to watching new Hollywood releases, which I will participate in. I will also be releasing a few more “cinematic flashback” reviews as I do have plenty to choose from in my personal movie collection (both physical and digital copies).

As of now, Jason’s Movie Blog is a side-project for me (currently) as I do have a source of income to offset me expenses during this tumultuous time period. That being said, please be mindful there are those out there (i.e. other movie reviewers, bloggers, and content creators) that use their platform as their primary source of income and possible might face unforeseen challenges in the coming weeks due to the world facing the effects of the coronavirus. So, please be kind and courteous, spare some time to read their content, especially with many staying home or practicing “social distance”. As always…. a little kindness can go a long way and reading their content to help their business.

In the end, Jason’s Movie Blog will weather the storm and will continue to be a part of the movie blog community in whatever capacity and resources that is given. Most importantly….to all my readers and fellow bloggers…. please be safe and be sensible / rational in the world. Abide by state and / or government guidelines and procedures, practice social distancing, avoid large public gatherings, be respectful to those who don’t have the luxury of working from home and must report to work. Stay healthy, safe, and be kind to others. Just like what Professor Xavier said in X-Men: Apocalypse “Those with the greatest power…protect those without. That’s my message to the world!”


Thank you for your time…..

Jason of Jason’s Movie Blog


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