A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood Official Trailer

It’s a beautiful day indeed as Sony Pictures / Tristar Pictures releases the official trailer for the upcoming biopic drama A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood. View trailer below.

An award-winning cynical journalist, Lloyd Vogel (Matthew Rhys), begrudgingly accepts an assignment to write an Esquire profile piece on the beloved television icon Fred Rogers (Tom Hanks) with Vogel’s perspective on life transformed after his encounter with Rogers.

While I really didn’t grow up with Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood, I do remember occasionally seeing on several times when I was in elementary school (during summer vacation or when I was sick from school). From what I could remember, I did enjoy watching it as it was somewhat “soothing” and “calm” show to watch for my youthful mind to watch….something like Sesame Street. That being said, I was wanted to know the true man behind “Mister Rogers”, which is why I am curious to see this movie. The trailer definitely showcases the mystery behind Fred Rogers and the show he created. Plus, Tom Hanks looks like an exactly duplicate of Rogers. In the end, I’m quite excited to see this film….

A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood  arrives in theaters on November 22nd, 2019


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