Jason’s Movie Blog’s Update (Moving Forward into 2018)

Hello, good day, and salutations from me to all my readers, followers, and featured bloggers out there. Just a quick update from me to you!

As many of you have probably realized that I haven’t posted much in the last several weeks (my last movie review was Star Wars: The Last Jedi). No, haven’t given up on blogging….so rest assured it’s not that. Several before Christmas, my grandmother passed away and struck my family (extended family as well) and I pretty hard. I had to deal with initial shock and felt bit numb for a few days. Then came Christmas Day and then my extended family flew in and we had the wake and the funeral.

I’m not going to lie, it was pretty hard for me as my brother and I were very close with her and I’ve been somewhat grieving since then. That being said, my grandmother always loved my movie blog and would constantly asked me what “movie of the week” i went to see and would read my reviews. She even read my review for Star Wars: The Last Jedi two passed before she passed. She always told me to follow my dreams no matter, which is what i will continue to do.

So….yes, Jason’s Movie Blog will resume normal operations starting today. I’m bit backed up on movie reviews, with Ferdinand, Pitch Perfect 3, Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle, The Greatest Showman, Father Figures, All the Money in the World, and Paddington 2 waiting to be written up as well as my Top 10 Worst and Best Movies of 2017. So, of course, will take some time get all these out and published for you guys to read, so please bare with me.

Thank you guys for all your wonderful support and I look forward to share my movie thoughts for 2018 and beyond




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