Father Figures Trailer

Who’s they’re daddy” is the main question as Warner Bros. Pictures released the official green and red band trailer for their upcoming comedy film Father Figures. View trailer below.

Originally titled as “Bastards”, Father Figures is about two brothers that learn their father did not die when they were young, as they had previously believed, and go on a road trip across America to find him.

Green Band Official Trailer

Red Band Official Trailer

Haha….this looks pretty funny. Probably one of the last R-rated comedy films of the 2017 year. The premise looks funny and has the potential to be memorable. However, set during Christmas week, so maybe other films coming out (Pitch Perfect 3 and Downsizing) as well as The Greatest Showman a few days later as well as other competitive end of the year films in the weeks prior. It does have some competition. Regardless, the cast looks great (Wilson and Helms and the rest of the cast) and definitely has some comical promise within Father Figures. Let’s hope its not a disappointment.

Father Figures  hits theaters on December 22nd, 2017

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