It Official Theatrical Trailer

Prepare to terrified by the hauntingly clown Pennywise as Warner Bros releases the official theatrical trailer (or official trailer #1) for their upcoming horror film It. View trailer below.

Based on Stephen King’s novel, In Derry, Maine in the summer of 1989, a group of outcast kids discover a shape-shifting entity who may be linked to the recent cases of missing children in the town, but also face their own personal demons in the process.

Hmmm….I might have to see this movie. As I’ve stated before, I’m not really a horror movie fan, so I usually don’t go out of my way (that much) to see a movie. However, this year (2017) I’ve stepped out of my comfort movie zone in seeing several horror movies, including Split and It Comes at Night. As for this movie, I remember seeing the first trailer (the teaser trailer) for it and was surprisingly curious to see it. Yes, I do know that its based off of Stephen King’s famous book and that there was a the iconic 1990 miniseries, but I never read King’s book nor watch the miniseries. But for this movie….I somewhat curious to see it. Hopefully I don’t get too scared when I see it.

It  scares its ways into theaters on September 8th, 2017

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