Doctor Strange Teaser Trailer

Get ready for the mystical ways of Dr. Stephen Strange as Marvel debuts the teaser trailer for the upcoming Phase III movie Doctor Strange. View trailer below.

After Stephen Strange, the world’s top neurosurgeon, is injured in a car accident that ruins his career, he sets out on a journey of healing, where he encounters the Ancient One, who later becomes Strange’s mentor in the mystic arts.

Even while I’m really excited to see Captain America: Civil War (and who wouldn’t be), I’m very excited to see Doctor Strange, with plenty of magical mysticism that’s going to thrown into the MCU.  As for the trailer, it was pretty awesome (not going to lie). Teased a viewer with enough intrigue to get excited about the movie. We see Cumberbatch’s Stephen Strange discovering his new power with Swinton’s Ancient One with some “Inception-esque” shots and even an ending shot of Strange donning his red cloak. All and all, a pretty good teaser to get you excited about the Sorcerer Supreme and can’t wait to see the next one.

Doctor Strange  arrives in theaters later this year on November 4th, 2016

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