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Underwater (2020) Review

A SUSPENSEFUL, YET SHALLOW AND FORGETTABLE THRILLER   What lurks within the ocean’s darkest depth? It’s question that’s been posed many times; adding a layer of mystery, intrigue, and a bit of fearfulness into what menacing sea creatures that dwell within the darkest depths of underwater realm. What’s even more scarier to imagine is actually venturing down into the murky

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The Emoji Movie (2017) Review

HAVEN’T I SEEN THIS MOVIE BEFORE?   The animated powerhouse studios of Disney, Pixar, and Illumination Entertainment have dominated the box office the past few years with big-time hits like Finding Dory, Zootopia, Moana, Sing, Secret Life of Pets, and Despicable Me 3. All these movies were well-received from critics and moviegoers as well as reaching box office success with

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Office Christmas Party Review

A WILD NIGHT AT THE OFFICE   Each year, Hollywood produces several comedy movies that are labeled “R-rated adult comedies”. These films have a plethora of jokes, and gags that are filled with raunchy, crude, and crass. Some hit their mark and have become quite famous (American Pie, The Hangover, 21 Jump Street, etc.), while some miss their mark and

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Deadpool Review

THE “MERC WITH A MOUTH” IS BACK (AND BETTER THAN EVER)   Deadpool. The man, the myth, the snarky attitude, and violent superhero. Created back in 1991 by writer Fabian Nicizea and artist / writer Rob Liefeld, Deadpool (Wade Wilson) a Marvel comics character that’s disfigured and mentally unstable mercenary with the superhuman ability of an accelerated healing factor and

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