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The Shack Review

A HEAVY-HANDED TEST OF FAITH   Over the past several years, Hollywood has touched upon many different genres, presenting hundreds of feature films with a wide range of fields of interests. Some make us laugh, some make us cry, some even make us scared, but what about the ones that make us turn towards our religious faith (most notably with

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Hacksaw Ridge Review

HELP ME GET ONE MORE…   World War II (aka WWII or WW2) was a difficult time, facing war, death, and violence across many nations and thousands of lives caught in the middle. Spanning roughly six years (from when the war officially began and ended), World War II was a chaotic war, with the Allied forces (US, England, France, and

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Everest Review

A TERRIFIC CINEMATIC TALE OF BRAVERY AND SACRIFICE   Movies that are “based on a true story” are somewhat tricky to pull off. For all tense and purposes, history has already catalogue the events and the accounts of the lives (whether participated or affected by) has been well-documented. It’s for that reasons why “based on a true story” movies are

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