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Like a Boss (2020) Review

A THINLY WRITTEN AND FORMULAIC COMEDY   Over the years, comedy motion pictures have had a different of varieties of platforms in undertaking a comedic (laugh-out-loud) storytelling within the guise of theatrical presentation. While this form of genre storytelling has often followed the antics and tomfoolery of male centric protagonist characters (more often that not), the female oriented endeavors have

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Neighbors 2: Sorority Rising Review

NEIGHBORLY WARFARE (PART DEUX)   Frat comedies, a subgenre to “comedy movies”, have been timeless in their own right. Filled with humorous pranks, frat boys, and riffing on college aspect (as well as Greek life), the movies have been time-honored tradition to watch, with notable ones including National Lampoon’s Animal House, Van Wilder, Old school, and Accepted. Back in 2014,

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Spy Review

THE SPY THAT MADE ME LAUGH Paul Feig has done the Hollywood circle of acting, directing, writing, and producing. Appearing first in 1987’s Zombie High, Feig continued to appear movies, making directorial debut occurred with 2003’s I am David. In world of TV, Feig directed from shows like The Office, Parks & Recreations, Arrested Development, 30 Rock, Mad Men, and

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