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Krampus Review



It goes without saying that Santa Claus (or the spirt of Saint Nicholas) as long been associated with Christmas seaon. Many who celebrate the yuletide celebration were raised under the belief that Santa Claus would coming on Chirstmas Eve night and reward well-behaved children by leaving gifts and presents in their stockings and underneath the Chirstmas tree. Yet, despite the widespread joy of good old Saint Nick, Austrian alpine folkore speaks of Krampus, a dark entity that’s appears during the Christmas season and punish those children who misbehave. Krampus’s has appeared in many variations, but his depictions (for the most part) remains the same. A hairy anthropomorphic beast that has horns of a goat, cloven hooves, and usually carries chains (representing his bindings with the devil). Universal Pictures and director Michael Dougherty take the legend of the horned beast and present him in a theatrical feature film titled Krampus. Does this movie bring terror to the Christmas season or is it a bland horror flick with a folly folklore premise? Read more