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The Many Saints of Newark (2021) Review

A MIDDLING TENOR THAN A HIGH SOPRANO   The Sopranos…. a crime mafia drama that revolutionized television throughs its various story, muliti–faceted characters, and edgy violence that broke the conventions of syndicated TV series; paving the way for a new generation of TV series that followed in its footsteps in the following years. Created by David Chase, the series revolves

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The Accountant Review

HEAVY SIGH   Actor Ben Affleck has run the Hollywood gambit for many years, placing himself in a career that as fans and movie acolytes follow him through various film projects. Like all Hollywood actor hopefuls, Affleck started out in his career in smaller films or supporting roles in movies like Glory Daze, Chasing Amy, and Good Will Hunting. After

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We Are Your Friends Review

I CAME FOR THE MUSIC (NOT THE MOVIE) Wide known as EDM (Electronic Dance Music), this genre of music has existed for many years, gaining followers to its harmonic melodies and tub-thumping beats. Recently, in the United States, EDM has been exploded into the “main stream” of music, highlighting the popular styles from such DJ artists like Calvin Harris, David

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